125 LinkedIn Job Search Tips eBook

LinkedIn is the world's biggest professional networking site, however, most of us do not know how to use it effectively for our job search and for our careers generally. In this 125 LinkedIn Job Search Tips eBook we'll walk you through how to set up your:

LinkedIn profile to attract employers' attention

LinkedIn applications to enhance your profile 

Connections so you have the right people helping you with your job search 

 Recommendations to make your LinkedIn profile more impactful

LinkedIn groups and discussions to showcase your expertise

Download this eBook now to get started on LinkedIn and to get the most out of this great platform. Job search inside of LinkedIn so that you find the right opportunities. Make sure that you are making the most of your online LinkedIn profile and connections now.

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People's Comments:

"Rather than just using LinkedIn to browse the job listings, this LinkedIn Job Search Tips ebook shows you how to use your profile effectively, use the applications, connect with others, get recommendations, and make the most of groups and discussions." Clare WhitmellJob Market Success Blog and Guardian Careers Blog

"It's a great read.  It talks about how to create an appealing profile, how to use the various LinkedIn applications, how to build connections through the site, and how to get good recommendations. It also lists a series of e-books containing more jobsearch and career change information." Holly Green, Forbes Career Blogs and author of More Than a Minute

"I read it and thought that some of these LinkedIn job search tips are amazing. Really useful" Joshua WaldmanCareer Enlightenment


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