Director and Career Guide: Andy Gannon

Andy is a former global leader of Hewlett-Packard consulting and an experienced builder of businesses. He has managed businesses ranging from 10 to 1000s of employees with turnovers from £1.5m to £1.5 billion. He uses his vast experience and expertise to support top business leaders and board executives. He lives in the UK.

 Andrew has recently joined the board of Position Ignition having been an associate and supporter for some time. He is bringing his substantial experience of operational management and strategic insight in support of the growing impact and influence of the company. He graduated as a Civil Engineer and joined Hewlett-Packard in the early 80’s and began a long and successful career with the then infant technology giant.

He worked initially in sales, sales management and then in large scale organisation leadership within the companies services businesses running operations locally, internationally and ultimately running $1.75Bn professional services business globally. One of his key contributions was transitioning their technology support organisation into a vibrant and value-add P&L consulting business serving the demanding needs of HP’s largest clients. Subsequently, as an independent director, he has built a reputation for feet on the ground coach-mentoring practice, as a Non-exec Director and from time to time adopting key executive roles as an interim.

Having gained comprehensive experience in business leadership and management up to and including at board level in organisations around the world, Andy is now passionate about sharing his learning’s with business leaders of the future and helping them to support the development of their new thinking to tackle the new challenges of the fast moving networked business world. 

Building on his consulting and mentoring track record, Andy has been operating as an ICF accredited coach for eight years, working with board level executives from FTSE quoted companies, through leadership teams to relative start-up businesses. Whilst Andy’s history has been with in the IT and IT services sectors, his clients now come from all sectors including high tech but also: pharmaceutical, FSI, FMCG, professional practices and education & training.  He is a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) 

Over the last 10 years he has also adopted a number of Directorships both Executive and Non-Executive, complemented by pro-bono work in the charity and not-for–profit sector along with advisory, mentoring and coaching roles. His roles have included Group CEO of a fast growing listed plc, Non-Exec Chairman of a consulting business and past-Chairman and current Trustee of a charity – The Talent Foundation. Most recently, by way of keeping his skills current, he has applied his experience of strategy, operational and change management in establishing a new business for the Pearson Group.

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