Career Guide: Angi Silverston

Angi is a motivating, warm and enthusiastic coach, trainer and guide. She has over 13 years of corporate experience working across a range of commercial and people development roles. She came to Position Ignition for their results driven approach, which she knows brings great clarity to clients. Angi believes that once you have gained complete clarity around the here and now, the route to achieving your objectives becomes much more focused and structured.

Her early career was spent working in the Gas and Power function of a global FTSE 100 company. This is where her Learning and Development (L&D) career started. Over the years, Angi has moved across a variety of roles and has worked with people at all levels of an organisation. She led, she trained, she managed and she optimised teams from low-level staff through to senior management in the UK and across Europe. Her experience has enabled her to work confidently and efficiently in fast-paced, dynamic and challenging environments and to understand the difficult situations that her clients may face.

Through her experience as a Learning and Development specialist, she was inspired to learn more about how to help people and decided to embark on her career as a qualified coach and guide. She has real strength as a coach and in her ability to help clients get to the core of the issues that are restricting their professional development. By helping them to understand and to get clear, she helps them to take control of their situations and to move forwards with focus and energy.

Angi also has a real interest in helping professional women with their careers. She enjoys helping those who are in transition, either moving in or out of work due to maternity or who are wanting to progress into senior leadership roles within their organisations. She draws from her own experience in raising a family and in managing the changes in work patterns associated with balancing work and family life. She also currently works for the charity, Dress for Success, where she helps disadvantaged women get back to work.

She is a fully accredited and qualified coach from the International Coach Federation (ICF) and is qualified to use a range of psychometric and personality tools.

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