Career Guide: Bernadette Cass

Bernadette Cass is a transition coach, executive coach and career coach, working with those who wish to create change for themselves and others.  She is inspired by engaging with people who want to be at their best.

Bernadette’s interest in coaching developed through her 25 years experience of delivering change in organisations.  Previously employed as IT Director for Gillette International and HM Treasury, and holding senior roles in BP, London Underground and the Estee Lauder Group, Bernadette used coaching to develop and support individuals in her own teams, and to help organisations deliver sustainable change and achieve business objectives.

Having deployed coaching as a strategic business tool, Bernadette used her move into interim management and consultancy to formally develop her interest in coaching and to become a qualified coach, prior to developing a full time coaching career.

‘Career choices is an area that brings together many factors for clients’ she says.  ‘Values, professional development, personal aspirations, family commitments and life work balance are all elements for consideration.’

Bernadette has experience in coaching clients in many different phases of their careers, including young graduates, teachers and MBA students, managers in multinationals such as Cadbury and Kraft, technical specialists and senior people considering retirement or redundancy.

Bernadette is an accredited coach with the International Coach Federation and is a career coach for the Institute of Physics.  She is a qualified coach supervisor and mentors young coaches.

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