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    Welcome to the Position Ignition Career Blog, where you will find career advice for your career change, job search and career development. Explore our advice on career planning, how to change careers, personal and professional development and more.


    Top 10 Human Resources (HR) Recruitment Websites

    If you are working in HR and are looking for some recruiters to take you seriously, here are our top 10 recruitment agencies and websites that we think will offer you the best opportunity in the job market. 

    Hudson -  leading provider of professional recruitmentexecutive recruitmenttalent management and people development and recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) services worldwide

    Ashley Kate - focuses on HR recruitment only. They are a 'hub' for HR professionals and offer permanent, contract and temporary positions

    Changeboard - is a 'global HR community' and lists HR jobs as well as offering advice, information on events and more to the HR community

    PurpleHouseHR - call themselves a 'niche recruitment consultancy providing retained and contingent recruitment services across Human Resources, Change and Business Transformation'.

    Michael Page - recruit permanent, temporary, contract and interim opportunities, typically from second/third job levels upward. They specialise in 25 different disciplines including human resources

    FrazerJones - specialise in global HR search and recruitment

    Penna - offers HR specific services which includes looking at recruitment, supporting transitions, hiring and finding talent and developing them for the organisation.  

    PersonnelToday - has a listings area for HR jobs where you can upload your CV and apply online

    HaysRecruitment - is a large recruitment agency with a good range of job opportunities available for HR professionals

    OxfordHR - call themselves 'leading development headhunters'. 

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    10 Actionable Steps to Dealing with Redundancy

    Redundancy is horrible; it is also a fact of life and it’s happening to more and more people with more and more regularity. It’s just a part of our changing world and it is the acceleration of change that is impacting on employment. So what is it that we can do to help ourselves if we’re affected by redundancy? These 10 steps will help you to deal with redundancy. For more help see Position Ignition’s Re-Launching Your Career After Redundancy eBook.

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    8 Reasons Why People Get a Career Coach


    10 Tips for Promoting Your Personal Brand 

    The most successful brands are the ones that people notice, want to know more about and eventually want to be associated with. This applies to personal brands as well as to business. However, there’s a right way and a wrong way to go about getting noticed. Don’t attract attention for the sake of it and also think about whose attention you want to be getting in order to focus your efforts. Protecting the reputation of your brand is just as important as marketing it and so here we have some tips on how to promote your brand in the right way.

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    8 Top Tips for Getting a Pay Rise

    For many of us, asking for a pay rise (see  Up Your Game, Up Your Pay) can be really challenging and it can feel awkward to discuss and bring up or often we shy away from the topic. That doesn't have to be the case, however, and it's important to prepare for your negotiation, for the discussion and to know how you want to approach the subject. Here are some tips to help you get started and to build your confidence around salary negotiation: 

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    4 Steps to Overcoming Career Change Gremlins

    Sometimes our gremlins can get in the way of our success. This is relevant especially when thinking of changing careers. Our fears can hold us back and stop us from taking that next step. How can we deal with these? 

    In what way can our feelings inhibit our ability to smoothly change careers? We’re talking about limiting beliefs here.  These are the emotions that hold us back in our lives, allowing us to convince ourselves of our inability to move forward and achieve our true goals, be they in the area of career, money, relationships or family. Limiting beliefs are a type of emotional ‘interference’, getting in the way of the fulfilment of our potential and the deployment of our talents. You might like to think of it as your inner critic or a gremlin, gnawing your self-belief and confidence away and replacing it with doubt.


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    11 Part-Time and Flexible Job Sites

    Nowadays it is becoming more and more popular to seek flexible working options. Working part-time could be an option for you, whether you're a mother or simply looking for a certain lifestyle. Knowing where to look for these specific types of jobs, however, can be challenging which is why we've put together our top ten list of part-time job websites.

    Timewise - is a UK jobsite specialising in part-time and flexible jobs. It's a great place to start if you're considering these types of roles. 

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    10 Reasons Why Redundancy is a Relief 

    If you've just been made redundant you may be feeling a mix of emotions. It can be a really challenging experience and situation to be in.  However, you don't have to go into panic mode straight away. In some ways this could be an exciting opportunity for you and your redundancy could offer you a form of relief. Here are 10 reasons why:

    1. No more hate

    Whatever reason you have for hating your job, being given a way out of it can be a blessing in disguise if you’ve hitherto been unable to take the bold step of making the decision to leave yourself.

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    The Psychology of Career Change - Why is it so hard?

    As workers, we underestimate the process of career change. We also don’t have many skills to navigate successfully through the  process. Where can we get the expertise and skills necessary for career change? The services at our schools and universities are under-resourced and not sufficient. We learn to change careers by actually doing it. In the context of work, there are three broad categories of people. There is the type who settles for staying where they are, whether they are happy or not. The complete opposite of this is the type of person who never lets herself get tied down and never lets anyone else take control of her career. The final category fits in somewhere in the middle and contains the bulk of people—those who want a career change but are unable to do so because they are not mentally prepared for it.

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    9 Tips for Managing a Heavy Workload

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