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    Welcome to the Position Ignition Career Blog, where you will find career advice for your career change, job search and career development. Explore our advice on career planning, how to change careers, personal and professional development and more.


    100 Executive Job Search Tips - New eBook Now Available!

    We are really excited to let you know that our long awaited 100 Executive Job Search Tips eBook which follows the success of our How to Get the Job You Want eBook, is now available to buy and download here on our Position Ignition website.  

    For all of you senior professionals out there, you will know that navigating the executive job market can be challenging, and finding ways to really stand out and to make your mark can be tough. Knowing who to go to, how to present yourself and how to leverage what you have are all key to succeeding in this competitive job market. 

    In this eBook, written by experienced business executives and experts in the executive job market, we explore: 

    • The key elements to a successful executive job searching strategy
    • How to build your executive brand
    • Managing the Job Search
    • Leveraging Your Network and Networking Smartly
    • Understanding the executive job search profession
    • How best to market yourself to employers
    • Executive Job Interviews
    • Common Mistakes to Avoid

    Get your own copy and take charge of your executive job search now.


    10 Questions to Help You Identify Your Skills

    Often we can find it quite challenging to be able to analyse ourselves and to identify the full range of things that we are each truly good at. Having said that, it is important in many work and life situations to be able to understand and utilise your skills. By getting a clearer and deeper understanding of your own unique skill set you will be in a much stronger position in your career. 

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    5 Reasons to Change Your Career Now

    When was the last time you woke up in the morning for work, with a genuine enthusiasm for the day ahead? Or perhaps you are keen to get into the office, but by the end of the working day you feel unfulfilled. Sound familiar? It could be time for a career change.

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    3 Secret Steps to Changing Careers

    A career change is one of the single biggest life transitions we can go through and therefore should not be taken lightly. Nor should we be overwhelmed by the thought of the process, as daunting as it may seem. By breaking it down into different stages, we can change careers without fear and with success.

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    4 Ways to Gain More Control Over Your Career

    Despite the understandable insecurity many of us currently feel regarding our work, we have it in all of us to be more confident regarding our careers. Here are some tips to help you to gain more control in your career and at work.

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    Animation: How You Don't Want Your Negotiation to Go

    See what to avoid when negotiating in this short animation and follow our tips on how to negotiate well:

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    Why Being a Confident Leader is Important

    It’s worth investing the time and effort into working on your self-confidence. Confidence breeds confidence. Once you start getting more confident in your leadership role, the positive impact it will have on you and your organisation will act as a catalyst for you to perpetually become even more confident.

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    The Alchemy of Conflict

    I have worked for many years in companies who are experiencing conflict. When I met a man who also works in this area I was particularly struck by how he described his work. He used the analogy of the alchemist. 

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    Animation: Be a More Confident Public Speaker

    Many people have a fear of public speaking. This video suggests three key ways to take control of the stage.

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    How to Deal with Workplace Anxiety

    Monday 14th September 2-3pm GMT

    Do you know where workplace anxiety comes from? Do you or your co-workers ever worry about being ‘found out’? This feeling is surprisingly common in the workplace yet most of us don’t realise how anxiety can affect us. 

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