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    Welcome to the Position Ignition Career Blog, where you will find career advice for your career change, job search and career development. Explore our advice on career planning, how to change careers, personal and professional development and more.


    Setting Meaningful Career Targets

    Whether you want to find a new job, change career direction or get a promotion, it’s always a great idea to set some career goals to get you focused. Here's our guide to setting and achieving your targets.

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    Animation: What is Leadership?


    Executive Job Search Recommended Resources

    We often get executives asking us for help with their job search. Some seek one-to-one advice and others simply want to be directed to resources that will aid their thinking, boost their job search and move them closer to landing their next senior role. 

    Our Executive Job Search Toolkit has been created to offer support for those who are serious about landing their next executive role and who want to accelerate their job search.

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    10 Ways to Make Your CV Stand Out from the Crowd

    It’s safe to say big businesses are receiving hundreds if not thousands of CVs every month, from potential candidates hoping to gain a position within a reputable company. The job market is looking bright, compared to the doom and gloom of recent years, which is good news for those looking for work but also means the more competition you’re up against the better your CV must be.

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    5 Top Tips for Nurturing Your Network

    Often we talk about networking but for those of us who don't feel like natural networkers, what should we do? How does one go about networking and what's the point? Here are some thoughts and questions to help you think through how best to harness the power of networking for you. More advice and tips on networking can be found in our 135 Networking Career Tips eBook. 

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    Animation:15 Ways to be More Assertive at Work


    Demystifying Coaching

    Would you like to learn more about what coaching is and why getting a coach is becoming more and more popular amongst serious career professionals? Here we've pulled together some of our most popular articles on this very topic:

    Working out how employable I am

    This is a challenge many of us face at different times in our working life. So what are likely to be the background reasons to this question?

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    Free Webinar: Managing your Ambition and Home Life

    Finding a balance between what we would like to achieve in our working lives and careers whilst at the same time having the kind of home life that is important to us is not always easy to achieve, as many working people – both parents and non-parents - will tell you!

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    Animation: Are You Feeling Underappreciated at Work?

    Here are some thoughts and advice from Simon North, Founder of Position Ignition, of what to do if you are feeling underappreciated at work. 

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