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    10 Things you must do before or as you change careers 

    In today’s world, the average individual will change careers several times in their lifetime.  There is more choice available to us than in previous generations - especially for those with talent, drive and ambition.  Currently the support that we tend to find is really limited. It’s also pretty generic – maybe some careers advice from your school, uni or MBA school.  Otherwise not much support until you are really senior in an organisation – and even then whether it is effective or not is debatable!

    What results is a combination of lack of control and a cycle of movement from one unfulfilling job to another, or getting stuck at a ‘dead end’. However – do not fear – you do not need to stay in this ‘rut’.  New horizons could be just around the corner..

    We've created eGuides:100 Essential Career Change Tips and 85 Mid Life Career Change Tips to guide you through your career change. For now though - here are a few key areas to think about to get you started.

    So – you want to look for a new and the right role.  This can be challenging, difficult, lonely, and sometimes stressful.   You might want to consider getting someone to ‘walk the path’ with you and help you get clear about what your options are, what you want to do and how to get there can be hugely valuable. It is even more helpful when you know that the person accompanying you has been involved in this process before on many occasions and is a real expert.  So if you work with someone to help with your career change look at their work and life experience to make sure they know what they are on about!

    Right – so you are ready to change careers and want to find that right role.   In order to succeed bear in mind the following tips:

    1. Invest in yourself

    This journey is important – so give yourself time to work it all out.  You will need a significant amount of thought, consideration, time and investment in order to make this change smoothly and to make it the right career change.  There are many key stages and turning points to consider so take the time to do it.

    2. Get Clear

    Without real clarity about what you want to do or how to get it, achieving any sense of fulfilment or being in control of your future will be very difficult.   Therefore it is really important to work on getting clear about what your central goal is and how to achieve it.  If you want to learn about the different ways to do this then feel free to drop us a note.

    3. Make an action plan

    Simply knowing what you want will not ensure that you get it.  You need to be clear about your plan of action and how to carry out what you have specifically designed for yourself.  Get clear achievable steps in place.  Outline it so that it is broken down into steps that you can work through towards that bigger goal.   Reward yourself and be proud of yourself as you get through each stage of your plan. 

    4.  Keep your energy focused on the task

    Making a change and finding the right role is not always an easy task.  It can be tough, tiresome and long.  You need to stay really focused and be efficient around where you put your energy and effort to get the outcome you want. Our 100 Career Change Tips eBook has plenty of helpful pointers for finding the right career.  Make sure that you are in control of the key elements in your world and are able to drive forward with the career and life of your choosing.  You will need perseverance and determination to help.  Being smart about how you spend your time is crucial. 

    5.  Understand your strengths

    Get to know yourself better.  Identify what your key strengths are.  What are you really good at?  What do you enjoy that you are also good at?  What skills have you learnt? What are you naturally inclined to do and be better at?  Make sure that you get right to the core of it.  If you aren't sure how to do this, we can help you. The more you know yourself the more confident you will become and the better you will be at identify the right role for you and projecting yourself in order to get it.

    6. Get Passionate

    Without real passion for a role – it will be difficult to get.  Even if you do get it – you will find it difficult to maintain and grow within and beyond it.   What you want here is the right role.  This means something that you are truly passionate about.  It might take a bit of experimenting to find what ‘floats your boat’ – but it will be worth it when you have found it. 

    7.  Get clear about your boundaries

    Being clear about what works and what doesn’t work for you in order to be happy can be groundbreaking.  It sounds simple but so many of us do not actually take the time to work it out.   In each different work situation – we may have different boundaries. By being clear about what they are and then communicating this clearly to others and staying true to what is important – will make a huge difference.  This impacts work and your personal settings.

    8.  Learn to manage relationships better

    This is important from all aspects.  If you learn to manage your relationships effectively you will be able to control the process and transition.  You will be able to manage your exit smoothly from your current or old role.  Understanding where your old boss is coming from and the impact you have on him/her – and how you interact could really influence how you leave a job.  How you get your next job and keep it may also rely heavily on your ability to manage relationships well.

    Some interesting articles could be: 

    9.  Harness your connections

    Learn how to network and harness your connections effectively.  This does not mean bombarding people you do not know with emails or adding everyone you can find to Linkedin.  Neither is this picking up as many business cards you can at a networking event and calling that person part of your ‘network’.   Real networking is about getting to know people. You need to work on identifying and getting to know those who can help you along your way. Check out our LinkedIn Job Search Tips eBook to make sure you harness your online networks effectively.

    10.  Get free from your blocks, fears and insecurities

    All of us have them at one stage or another.  Many of us keep them for years. However, do not let them stop you.  If you are afraid – that is ok – just do not let it take over and control what you do or do not do.  If something is blocking you from moving forward – take the time and action you need to confront it, deal with it and resolve it.  This does not have to be done alone.  Find support from those around you.  Get support from a professional if it is a deep personal issue that is troubling you.  If you do not deal with it now – it will keep blocking you in different ways throughout your career and life.  Once you have worked through the blocks – you will be so much more energised, comfortable, confident and free.

    Those are the 10 pieces of the pie that you must do before or as you start your journey and change careers.  Each step requires some work, time and thought – but they are important if you really want to make it work.  There might be a lot to do – but you are not alone and you CAN do it.

    Learn more about what we do and read some of our success stories i.e. those who have taken control of their lives and made the changes they wanted.

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