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    Does your CV do you justice?

    Most of us have a CV.  A curriculum vitae which ‘provides an overview of a person's life and qualifications’. That’s 2 pages that summarises us.  Ouch! Can I really be compressed into 2 A4 sheets of paper? 

    Your CV may be good.  It may even be great but I do not believe that it can ever really do you justice.  For some employers, the only way you will get to meet them and get through to their next round is by creating a strong CV. If you are expecting someone to get a good understanding of you as a whole person then forget it.  A CV will never do that. 

    A CV can be a good aid to getting the right role but it is not the only way to get a good job.  It is also dangerous to rely on these 2 pages to get you noticed by the employer of your dreams and to ensure that you are selected for your dream job out of what is almost definitely a large crowd.

    Some people add a picture.  Some even add a video.  Some write long essays or extend their CVs to several pages.  No no and no! I am not going to get into the details of how to write a good CV as this is not the topic for discussion.  Instead the question being posed is around why people go to such lengths for a piece of paper – why is a CV seen as being so important?  Can it do you justice? – and, if not, then why are hyping it up so much?  Perhaps we hope it will ‘sell’ us into a new job.  Maybe it can help but do you really want this to be your only way in? 

    If you really want a particular role then it is incredibly difficult to stand out of the crowd via a bit of paper.  Connections – is the way forward.  Connections combined with being clear about what you want will be so much more effective and powerful than sending out sheets of paper into the great depths of cyberspace! 

    When you know someone and you can communicate clearly with them about what it is you are looking for, what it is you can do and why you want it – that job you are describing will come to you.   Learning to harness your network is a great skill.  Some have it, some do not but to some degree we can all be taught and we can all get better at it. 

    Learning to value our networks is also really important.  Abusing them will not get us very far and creating fake, superficial connections is a waste of time.  Genuine, strong, real relationships work and can help you in so many different ways.  If you want a great job – don’t spend all of your time, head down tweaking your CV to perfection.   Reach out to your network and leverage those great connections.  If you aren’t confident in doing this on your own, speak to one of our experts to help you grow and develop your connections.

    Our work with CVs

    Here at Position Ignition we work with individuals helping to get their CV's into tip-top shape. We understand the value of CVs and it's part in the recruitment process and so do have advisors who are experts and specialists who can help to review your CV and get you ready for action asap in the job hunting market! Contact us to talk to us about how we can help.

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