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    Money, money, money - 8 Reasons not to work for it..

    Many of us are money driven.  This is understandable but when this is the only thing we have going for us – perhaps it’s time to stop, think, evaluate and improve.  I see too many of the people around me working solely for money.  I am no guru in this but this is my take on what happens:

    1. Money you have – but no time to spend it
    2. Tired, stressed and grumpy – makes you an unpleasant bunny to be around!
    3. No time for you – will you burn out? How’s your health?
    4. No time for your friends  - or for being there for them. See this blog outlining 5 signs that work is taking over your life!
    5. No time for family – to see mum, dad, partner, kids.  Will they resent you? Will you regret it later? When will they be gone?
    6. A missed opportunity – of what could have been but never was.  Were you meant to be the next Britney? The next Richard Branson or Steve Jobs?  Perhaps the greatest writer, architect, snowball thrower of all time! - (but not in this lifetime if you keep going as you are)
    7. No real passion – for work, for hobbies, for life. I have found that your passion disappears when you are doing something you do not enjoy day in and day out.  You may enjoy other activities or even some bits of work – but never fully. This article goes through the reasons why people most commonly hate their jobs
    8. You can get by with less than you think.  Really? Yes. Think about it. How much and what do you really need?  

    For me - I've always thought having money would be good and yes it is a requirement especially in this day and age to have some in order to get by.  But - if it is the only thing that you are doing your job for - please do think again.  We can help you find another option. Something that you actually want to do, find some enjoyment out of AND that meets your money requirements.  To explore this further give us a call to dicuss this for free, download our or explore more of our website to find out what we do.

    On a lighter theme - here's Monty Python's money song for some entertainment:

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