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    Hate work? Living only for the holidays?

    Do you refer to your job as ‘just a job’? Do you hate work? Is it there just to ‘bring the money in’ and ‘pay the bills’?  Are your holidays the only times you look forward to? If this is the case you will not find yourself alone.  In this article you will see some common reasons why people hate work: 5 Reasons you hate your work.

    Thousands of people find themselves working hard everyday, following the same routine only to look forward to that one or two week holiday booked for some future date.  You get up in the morning, make your way into the office, work hard throughout the day and then return home to make a quick ready-meal or order in dinner. Maybe there’s some time for TV.  Then you collapse into bed exhausted and sleep in your space.  The clock ticks forward, the sunrises and you’re off again.  Perhaps there are a few social activities scattered around this.  A few dinners, a club or quiz night, a birthday, the movies, hanging out with your kids for a bit maybe – but really – is this it?  Not everyone hates work completely but it is definitely not their ‘dream’ job. 

    Our work takes up a huge part of our waking lives – do we really want to be spending this time doing something we don’t truly enjoy?  Will we look back in 10 or 20 years thinking ‘where did my life go’?  It really does not need to be this way.  It really is possible to find something that you enjoy and which will enable you to live a lifestyle that is right for you.  Work does not have to be ‘just work’, it can be enjoyable, inspiring, something you look forward to and even be something you love.  If you hate work – change it! Consider a career change perhaps! The first section of our 100 Career Change Tips eBook has some handy hints to help you decide whether to change careers or not.

    When I say that you can truly enjoy your work, it is possible.  I don’t mean enjoy work in the way that you will tell your boss that you are interested in this project.  It’s not where you tell your friends that you love your work simply to make them think that you are on top of the world.  This is about getting what you really want and doing what you are supposed to be doing.  When you are in the right job, it will not feel like work to you. You will feel at home – just right, at ease, comfortable, at your best, in the right place.

    This is what we help people to do at Position Ignition.  It is painful to see people carrying on in their jobs day in and day out when they simply do not like it.  Some people are driven by the money, some are scared to move, some think they have no other option -  but they do.  You do.  Money is a concern for most people for sure but sometimes we let it restrict us too much.  It can restrict our options, our creativity, our thinking.  It makes us scared to shift or change anything in case of some unforeseen disaster.  We know that change can be scary.  That is why we guide you every step of the way for as long as you need it. 

    It is important to make the most of your working life.   If holidays are the only time you look forward to and enjoy –  isn’t that sad? See the article: The Summer of Change for more information on how to make a career change, as well as our career change eBooks . It is really difficult to be at your best if you hate work and it is sad if the only time you get to enjoy are your holidays.  Why not extend that time of being happy?  If you had a chance to feel like you do when you are on holiday, every day of the year – wouldn’t you take it?

    Ready to make that change? Contact us now.

    Author: Nisa Chitakasem

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