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    Why are people scared to change careers?

    Once we've established a career for ourselves and become used to it, we tend not to think about changing careers because, in a way, we expect our current employer to do all our thinking for us. We feel if we just allow the organisation to use us however they want, and take the money they give us, we can abdicate all responsibility for our own careers: It's someone else's job to find us a new career.

    Those of us who have changed careers still may not have initiated that change ourselves-we may have been headhunted. Some of us go through this process several times, until we reach middle age, and as a result of circumstance, find ourselves without a job. It is only then that we look at ourselves and realise how reliant on organisations we've been each time we've changed career.

    Most people don't do anything about it themselves because they don't feel they have the time. Their current employer demands so much of them that there's nothing they can do to change this. Or perhaps your job isn't really that bad, so you just moan about it without being willing to actually change it. Or maybe you see it as a means to an end-lots of us go to work purely to take the money.

    Look at the pressures to stay where you currently are, the pressures that come from the current habits-knowing your job, organisation, boss, pay, clients, suppliers, team colleagues. Your job is almost done subconsciously in your sleep once you develop those sort of habits and routines.

    Familial pressurs to stay where you are are also huge. If you move jobs you can't be certain that you're going to land in a good place.

    Of course, the best scenanrio is that the move is seamless and you leave on Friday and land in your ideal job on Monday.

    At worst, from a familial point of view-changes of home and changes of school can upset the equiblmfurem of family life. These concerns can seem like big, scary monsters to people.

    So there are three main fears that hold us back from career change:

    1.       We’re not typically used to being proactive and are scared of trying to be so, so its easier to stay put than move forward.

    2.       Unsure of our market value, we're not sure of what we’re worth out there. Is it less than what we're worth in here? It's sometimes firhghtneing to face up to those sort of questions.

    3.       We're not sure about the career skills required to make the transisition effectively-most people have never had good career guidance, so how would they know?

    If you’re tired of being afraid and are ready to learn how to explore your career options, why not come along to our Career Change Options Workshop on 16th November? Booking is open now.

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