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    Career Path (or garden path?)

    Where career paths are established – either by society or organization – the journey can be fairly clear.   You might have a few snakes and ladders on the journey, but eventually you may get there.   The destination isn’t always all that it seems however - here is some personal myth busting from recent clients – there may be a nugget that resonates for you.

    There is no end to the rainbow

    You achieve what you set out to, but somehow don’t feel you’ve “arrived”.   You have the success you dreamt for yourself, but you don’t feel fulfilled, or happy, or rich enough.  The most useful goals encompass our whole lives, and have complementary “destinations” in each part.   Progress can be a series of compromises or chess moves depending on how you look at it.

    It’s okay to move the goal-posts

    Destinations can legitimately evolve.  There isn't only one career path for you. There could be a number of different career paths to explore and discover. Really working it through will enable you to become increasingly specific, however keep re-evaluating and testing the goal.  It takes courage to change a goal but the environment changes all the time.  Individuals, like organizations, are part of an interrelated whole and need to be ready to flex.

    Dreaming and talking are good (whatever your teacher said)

    Imagining the very best that could happen - how you’d be, what you’d see, feel and do – help you to be creative with possibility, identify and address perceived obstacles, and allow you to experiment safely.   No one is suggesting that the exact dream will necessarily come true, but you’ll be richer for the experience.  Sharing the dream, getting builds, being curious about others’ experience will help you develop yours.

    You are your own best friend (sorry dog)

    Take time to understand yourself – everything - your history, your personality, your values.   Picture it and share it with someone you trust.  Get them to ask you testing questions so you can fully think through the relationship between who are you now and your – do they added up?   What needs to change/develop to enable them to add up?  What are you prepared to do?

    About the author

    Joanna Pollard is a Position Ignition Career Guide.   She works with individuals and teams, to help them get them become more creative, effective and fulfilled.   She has a wealth of experience across Organisational Effectiveness and Individual Effectiveness in public and private sectors.   Hopes - to complete the SW Coastal Path soon, fears - jelly and marzipan.

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