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    4 Great Tips for Making the Most of Your LinkedIn Profile

    So now you’re on LinkedIn and you’re wondering what to do next.  Or maybe you’ve been on LinkedIn for a while and you’re wondering, “Why isn’t this working?” .Check out our eBook: "125 LinkedIn Job Search Tips" to make sure you are getting the most out of LinkedIn. For now, here are four great ideas to amp up your LinkedIn experience and make the most of your profile:


    Networking is personal; you are making a personal connection with another human being.  Part of that is being able to “see” who you are connecting with.  With so many spammers, fake profiles, etc. on LinkedIn, why not show them who you are and make that personal networking connection. Note: If you want to build your networking skills you may find our 135 Networking Career Tips pdf ebook an interesting read.


    Instead of having the standard URL that LinkedIn automatically assigns you, customize your URL to you!  My URL is If someone searches for my name they find me—right at the top.  Make sure you’re making the most of your profile and that you’re easy to locate.


    Give yourself a professional headline.  It’s there for a reason, and you should utilize it.  It maximizes search results and is one more way to make it easier for people to locate you.  If you’re an IT director be sure that it’s in your headline.  Create a personal branding statement that paints a very clear picture for others about what you do and who you are.


    Create a keyword-rich summary that showcases your accomplishments, expertise, and value.  Don’t just tell them what you can do—“show” them what you can do by highlighting past achievements.  Employers want to know how you can fill their need and bring value to their organization; give them the information they need in the career summary.  You can always expand on your responsibilities under each career you’ve listed, but front load the career summary with the important and persuasive information that will keep them reading. 

    Implement these four points to start making the most of your LinkedIn profile and networking.  Also why not check out our eBook: "125 LinkedIn Job Search Tips" specially designed to help you make the most of LinkedIn for your job search.

    (blog from Great Resumes Fast)

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