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    Discovering Clarity

    Robin Sharma quotes, ‘Clarity precedes Success’.  I share with you my gift of clarity. Life is a journey and I focus positive energy on the journey, not the destination, by choosing my attitude during every moment of each day.  In relation to career, my experience is one of moving along a continuum.  It is a lovely path, with peaks and valleys, up hills and down, running along lakes, rivers and the ocean. 

    When I embarked on this journey, I felt like I was walking through a fog and I was unclear about my career goals.  I made a significant decision to engage in a process of greater awareness about my core values and beliefs. Through the process of exploring and discovering my values and beliefs, I opened up my awareness and created more choices for myself.  I progressed through the learning experience and moved along the continuum from the fog into the mist.

    Through this process I used my five senses to truly identify what is important to me in my professional life.  I felt like a pioneer, bulldozing my way through unchartered territory and going into every nook and cranny to discover what is most important and meaningful and what is not.  As a result of tapping into this pioneering spirit, I looked for energy, my strengths and passions and the parts of my being which form my foundation. I took action and my goal became crystal clear!

     From my foundation I discovered a place of peace and joy, fulfilment and balance.  At this point on my continuum, I walked out of the mist and into the sunshine at the crest of a hill overlooking paradise.

     I too, continue to walk along my journey, the only difference is the goal is crystal clear, open and growing, expanding and unfolding, simplistic and truly sophisticated.  You have the ability to discover clarity in relation to your career. It is up to you to take that step and contact Position Ignition to make it happen.


    Stephanie Mount is a Position Ignition Career Guide. She is profoundly interested in people and their potential. Stephanie engages with individuals to discover their most authentic self (energy, passions and strengths).  Stephanie’s diverse career in the helping profession spans two continents.  She uses her international experience, professional knowledge and living as an expatriate to enable others to create a fulfilling and balanced life.  Stephanie is an adventurer, passionate about the ‘great outdoors’ and travelling to far flung places on this planet.

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