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    Change of season-change of career?


    With the oncoming change of seasons, many of us may be considering a career change. But how do we know that it’s what we really want? And if we do, how do we go about it?

    How does the thought that, after the August bank holiday, there’ll be no breaks until Christmas make you feel? Are you excited at the prospect of a good few months to surpass your work objectives and to develop your career? Or are you already reaching for the nearest brochure to book a cheeky getaway in mid-November? If it’s definitely not the former, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to change careers-you may just need to change your hours or something else about the role. Lesser career shifts such as these can help re-ignite your passion for your current career.

    So how do you know if you need a full-on career change or a lesser alteration to your current post? A good starting point is to ask yourself the type of questions featured in our new ‘100 Career Change Tips’ eBook. The eBook has several tips for deciding whether you need a career change in the first place. As these tips are included in the first 40, you can get them-and much more-for free when you sign up for the Position Ignition newsletter and receive our complementary ‘Top 40 Career Change Tips’-the first part of ‘100 Career Change Tips’.

    And, of course, the eBook has plenty of creative and practical advice for those of you who know they want a career change and have even started the process off. You’ll already know what types of issues and challenges you’re up against as a career changer. How do you get the timing right? Which career direction is the one for you? How do you decide on a specific role? What do you need to do to make your ideal career change become a reality? What do you need to know about your new career and how can you make a successful start in it? Our tips can help you answer all these questions, as well as the ones you haven’t even thought of yet!

    So sign up to our newsletter for the first 40 tips absolutely free, or download all 100, so you can start taking control of your career and your career change before the leaves start falling off the trees!

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