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    Unusual Career Ideas for the New Year

    Often we feel limited in our career options because of the careers and jobs we are aware of.  It’s hard to think up a career that you have never heard of, so in order to start this new year with some hopefully interesting, quirky and fresh ideas, here’s a list of some unusual careers…

    Professional Puppeteer

    If you go to the theatre and watch plays such as ‘WarHorse’ – you will be watching professional, highly talented Puppeteers at work 

    Medical Biller

    Help hospitals and physicians find efficient ways to collect payments and prevent billing oversights by becoming a medical biller or coder. This profession is becoming more popular in the US. 

    If you are serious about getting into the medical profession, you may want to consider what is known as a Locus Tenen. This is a short term assignment that will allow you to practice medicine for a temporary duration. This can be a great way to get out there, learn and get some real experience whilst earning money. Some have the potential to lead onto a permanent position too so check out Locus Tenes Jobs now. 


    Be able to offer real care to women during their pregnancy, labour and birth, and help to care for newborn babies. This is a great way to play an active role in helping someone through an exciting and also challenging stage in their life.

    Storm Chaser

    For a potentially thrilling and dangerous job, you can hunt tornados down professionally as either a weather forecaster or meteorologist doing research. 

    Mechanical Engineer

    If you like working with mechanical systems – the design, analysis and maintenance of them, then you could be suited to becoming a mechanical engineer. If you want to find out more about this field take a look at these mechanical engineering programs.

    Professional Hacker

    If you’re good with computers you may find that hacking legally might be the role for you! Help to fight cyber crime, improve online security and protect vital information’s from getting into the wrong hands.

    Medical Research

    The age of the back-alley medical research facility paying out-of-pocket for the right to experiment recklessly is a thing of the past.  You can either get involved in research in which you become a paid subject, or find part-time work assisting in animal testing.  Industry leaders such as Huntingdon Life Science have paved the way for safe and ethical standards in the latter category.

    Food Taster

    When new food products come to market they need someone to taste them to make sure that they are ready for launch into the mainstream. In some companies e.g. Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, they have specialists for this.

    Dolphin Trainer

    If you like animals and particularly dolphins, you might like to get involved in training them. Have you ever visited a zoo or seen a dolphin show? If so, each would have needed a professional mammal trainer.

    Jewelry designer

    Jewelry design as a profession along with gemology can be well paying jobs if you have real talent and an eye for it.

    Computer Geek

    If you have always thought that computer geeks were cool and you've wanted to be one - here is your chance. You can train up using various online courses these days to become a computer whizz. Check out these ECDL Courses for more information on computer training.


    If you have a love for music then DJing (Disk Jockeying) could be something for you to do as a serious career or as a hobbie. It can be challenging to make serious money from it but if you’re good, market and promote yourself well you can succeed.

    Professional Proofreader

    Have you always wondered about how articles and books get published. Do you pay good attention to detail? If so you could get into professional proofreading. You'll have a key role in making sure that anything that gets published is accurate and correct. It's a great skill to have.

    Author: Nisa Chitakasem

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