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    Why Can't I Find a Job Through Recruitment Agencies?

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    You’ve registered with countless recruitment agencies and have been expectantly waiting for them to call you with lots of job opportunities, but you haven’t heard a thing. Each agency seems to have so many vacancies advertised on its website and its windows, so why are the job interviews and offers not filtering through to you?

    Recruitment agencies have a transactional relationship with employer organizations. The employer goes to the agency with a mandate to fill-for example, they say that they need a secretary and give the agency a list of criteria that every candidate has to meet. The agency sources a suitable individual for the role and collects its fee from the employer. The agency is not there for you. If they have a mandate that you can fill as soon as you join the agency, that’s great; otherwise you’ll be waiting until something comes up that does suit you.

    How do they match suitable jobs to you? They get you to fill in your details when you register. You usually do this online and your details go into a huge database full of keywords. When an employer comes along with a mandate they need filling, the agency searches the database for relevant keywords to find the candidate to match the mandate. It’s only when your name comes up as ‘the one’ that you’re put forward for the job.

    People think recruitment agencies will take care of them, but this isn’t the case. If you haven’t heard anything from your agency for a while, it may be time to take control of your own career.

    If however, your agency has been sending you to job interviews, but nothing comes of any of them, it may be that your interview technique needs working on.  Position Ignition can help­: read our free interview advice blogs, take advantage of our special Interview eBooks offer or contact us today to discuss getting one-to-one help with one of our Career Guides.

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