Top Ten MBA Business Schools in the UK
Mon, February 7, 2011 at 12:00
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If you are considering doing an MBA, it can be challenge to identify which Business School you want to apply to. Each one has it's pros and cons and it can often depend on why you are thinking about doing an MBA in the first place and what you're looking to get out of it. 

If you're questioning when a good time is to do an MBA see this article on When In My Career Should I do an MBA? or if you're wondering how an MBA can help you in your career take a look at Applying Your MBA to Your Career.

We recently brought you our list of top MBA business schools worldwide and now we’re switching the focus to the UK:

1) London Business School

Students from more than 120 countries go to London Business School to participate in its world class MBA programmes. The standard MBA is full-time and lasts between 15 to 21 months. You can do its executive MBA in either London or Dubai. Regardless of location the programme lasts 20 months and you study whilst working full time.

2) Said Business School, University of Oxford

There are not many better places to study in the UK than Oxford University and since its business school opened in 1996, its fast becoming the place to go for MBA study. The Oxford MBA is a one year full-time course and the part-time Executive MBA, targeted at senior professionals, lasts for 21 months.

3) Judge Business School, University of Cambridge

The other half of Oxbridge also has its own business school. Are you worried that you’re too old to start an MBA? Judge may be the place for you, as the average age of its MBA students is 30. The Cambridge MBA lasts for one year, whilst The Cambridge Executive MBA is for 20 months and is tailored towards senior managers.

4) Cass Business School

Based right at the heart of the City of London, Cass is an ideal place to learn about business. Its full-time MBA lasts for 12 months, whilst both types of Executive MBA on offer run for 24 months, allowing you to study either at the weekends or in the evening. There is also the Executive MBA Dubai, especially designed for business professionals in the Middle East.

5) Lancaster University Management School

LUMS is one of the leading management schools in the world. Its full-time MBA is for one year and the part-time Lancaster Executive MBA lasts two years. The school also offers a global MBA, which is designed for senior managers around the world.

6) Cranfield School of Management

Cranfield has designed its MBA programmes to focus on both personal development and practical application. The full-time MBA is offered as a one year programme and the Executive equivalent is two years.

7) Imperial College Business School

The Imperial MBA has launched many an entrepreneurial career. As well as the one year full-time Imperial MBA and the two year part-time Imperial Executive MBA there is a Distance Learning MBA. Starting in September and ending in May, it gives students the opportunity of flexible study.

8) Newcastle University Business School

A member of the prestigious Russell Group, Newcastle University Business School is one of the best research-intensive high education institutions in the country. The school offers two MBA programmes: the full-time, 12 month MBA and the part-time two year Executive MBA.

9) Manchester Metropolitan University Business School

One of the biggest business schools in the UK, MMUBS offers full-time, part-time and block release basis MBAs, lasting for one year, 30 months and 30 months again, respectively.

10)   Cardiff Business School

Known worldwide for its high quality of research, Cardiff is one of the leading UK business schools. The Cardiff MBA is full-time and lasts one year, focusing on the international marketplace and how to tap into it.

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