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    Careers Advice: Why Won't my Employer Help Further my Career?


    You're angling for a promotion, the chance to take on more responsibilities, a way to find a new job within the company or the opportunity for training. Your employer, however, doesn't really seem to care. Companies are not there to further your career - they are there to make a profit, to make a profit for shareholders. When thinking about profit and returns, your employer is not thinking about your career: you’re simply an economic worker. You do things for the company and it pays you for it. If they do decide to treat you as anything more than a wage slave, they’ll need to invest in talent development  and succession planning. Only with these processes in place will they be able to invest in you medium to long term.

    “Why can’t the HR department help me?”, you might think.  Your career is way down on the list of HR’s priorities, if it’s on there at all. Policy, recruitment and health & safety training are all more pressing matters as far as they’re concerned.

    Furthermore, companies go through different phases, ebbs and flows. Their culture changes. There are phases where they’re not doing so well and phases where they’re doing better. Because of this you might find that where once they were noticing you, they’re not now-or they may never have noticed you.

    What you must do is take control of your own career. Don’t wait for your company to make decisions for you or to get you where you want to be.

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