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    7 Mistakes That Will Kill Your Network

    For all the effort we put into growing our networks, it’s surprising how easy it can be to lapse into network-killing behaviours once we have a decent database of contacts and some genuinely close connections within that contacts list. Here are some common mistakes that we all have to be wary of making if our networks are going to survive, let alone thrive. Also explore our 135 Networking Career Tips to make sure that you are making the most out of your connections.

    1.       Selfishness

    When we are selfish our world implodes as far as other people are concerned. We don’t even realise what we’re doing because our ego is in overdrive. We don’t even notice the extent to which we selfishly put ourselves and our own needs and interests above those of our contacts every single time.

    2.       Attitude of a User

    Some people only reach out to their network when they need something. When it comes to networking there’s definitely a give and take formula at work and the way to kill your network is to take more than you give. Indeed, there are some networks where the philosophy of giving and taking is central to the way they operate.

    3.       Pointless Contacts

    There’s not a lot of point in having someone in your network if you’re not going to get something from them and, just as importantly, if they’re not going to get something from you.

    4.       Uninterestingness

    You have to be able to hold your network’s attention by being interesting. Interesting is being both informed and informative. It’s about staying fresh. If you’re stagnant and silent and there’s no energy in your network it will die.

    5.       Infrequent Communication

    You have to communicate with your network on a regular basis. It doesn’t have to be every week or every day but you shouldn’t only be reaching out to people when you remember to or when you have nothing better to do.

    6.       Neglect

    Perhaps you’re just not interested in communicating at all. You go about your day job and don’t bother with your network. You don’t get involved with and you don’t involve your network. You forget about introducing people you know to one another and about sharing news and information with contacts that would find it of value.

    7.       Lack of Appreciation

    When we don’t appreciate our network and what our various contacts could do for us and for one another, we’re missing out. Good human behaviour is about open-heartedness and recognition and if we don’t demonstrate those traits to our network it doesn’t stand a chance.

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