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    10 Ways Our Career Guiding Differs from Career Coaching

    At Position Ignition, we use career guides to help our clients rather than going down the traditional career coaching route. There is often confusion about how career guiding differs from career coaching. It’s not merely an issue of semantics.

    For more help in understanding how career coaching and career guiding can support you in your career, take a look at our Get a Coach to Get Ahead eBook.

    In the meantime, article aims to clarify the differences between what a conventional career coach does and how our career guides work.

    1.       Less Nannying

    In pure career coaching you play a rather pat game, with the coach telling the client, “These are the things you have to do”. In career guiding, we’re more about creating the right pace that allows the individual to go and do their own thing. A guide is more likely to say, “Show me what you have done”.

    2.       Appreciation of Different Situations and Contexts

    In every conversation that I have with a client, I always seek to understand the situation they’re in, so I can get to really understand their context and to be sure of their intention. This allows me to be in the moment with them. When you get into that space with them, there’s no way that you cannot be useful.

    3.       Flexibility Relative to a Programmatic Approach

    In coaching you buy by the hour and meet at a regular time each week. With career guiding, quite a lot of it is an individual coming back to the guide after having some initial meetings and having done some thinking and asking if the guide is free for 20 minutes, 30 minutes, an hour this afternoon or whenever. The relationship between guide and client is flexible and adaptable, within the structure of a career guidance programme.

    4.       Creative Settings

    When you go to see a career coach, you usually leave your own ‘stuffy office’ only to meet them in their own ‘stuffy office’. As an alternative to this, we will work with you outside, in quiet spaces, in your home – or at your office if you really want! The idea is to take you out of your normal working environment to help us be as creative about your next steps as we have been about our meeting space.

    5.       Getting to Know You

    We invest a huge amount of time in building trust with a client. This relationship of trust is based on a guide’s profound knowledge of all aspects of the individual’s life and the assets they bring to the table.

    6.       Personalized Programmes

    Many coaching solutions tend to take the “one size fits all” road, coaching their clients according to a ready-made template. The reality is that everyone is different; there will be no generic solution that fits all. Career guides believe in working flexibly with their clients and in structuring what they do around the individual’s unique needs. Everything we do is tailored towards you – the only you there is in the world.

    7.       A Consultancy Approach

    With a career coach, you turn up to each session and kick off with the same tone of relationship as where you left off at the end of the session before. This happens session after session, no matter how long the relationship between coach and coachee has been going on for. In our guiding we have a process that is much more like advisory consulting at the start, becoming more of a coaching or mentoring dynamic as it goes on.

    8.       Practical “How-To” Advice

    There are plenty of career coaches out there helping people figure out why they are confused and why they are feeling the way they are feeling.  Not enough, however, help you actually do what you need to do to resolve these feelings. With career guiding, you’re shown how to make it happen, to make the change and to move yourself towards what you want. Making sure you know how to get it is a key element of our career guidance.

    9.       A Focus on Outcomes

    There is no point going to a career coach for advice if you’re going to leave even more confused about what to do than when you went in. What career guiding guides you to is the achievement of real results. We help you to get clear about what you want – and about how you’re going to get it.

    10.    Elasticity in our Support

    We don’t ever let our clients go. With coaching, you buy the coach for 6 x 1 hour sessions and then you’re on your own. With career guiding, our relationship goes on for longer potentially if that’s what the client needs.

    If you'd like to find out more about how career guiding could support you, then why not contact us for a free consultation?

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