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    9 Ways to Manage Multiple Career Interests

    We’ve all come across somebody who’s running something interesting alongside their main job. It goes without saying that it needs to be completely legal and above board but it can be huge fun and energising for the person who’s doing it. This is because it’s something different and new, and that perhaps couldn’t at this stage be made into anything full-time but is really enjoyable and easy to get a lot out of, including additional money. If you fancy having a go yourself at adding side interests to your current career, here are some tips for doing so.

    1.       Use Your Existing Skills and Experience

    Often it’s the skills and experience we’ve built up in our day job that allows us to pursue something completely different. It is this base that can often be the platform for somebody pursuing a portfolio career. Portfolio careers tend to develop over time but usually stem from the core of a skill set. If you’re not sure what your skill set consists of, it’s worth spending time identifying your capabilities.

    2.       Squeeze Variety Out of What You Have

    No matter how few skills you think you have, you can squeeze enough out of them to branch out into a variety of fields. An established portfolio career often looks like a spider, with a body of experience forming his core and the various career interests representing his legs – not that you have to have exactly eight interests in order to call it a portfolio career! The core body of skills can be utilised in different organisations, different sectors and even different industries. Each of those different contexts will be unique and interesting and will provide the kind of variety you probably want.

    3.       Be Adaptable

    The secret to successfully using your skill set in several different contexts is to be willing and ready to adapt to each of those different contexts. Think of an experienced business person sitting on a number of organisational boards. Whilst the skill set they bring into each different scenario will be the same, they will use it differently each time.

    4.       Practise Good Time Management

    When you have that number of career interests, you need to be savvy about how you use your time. Give each person you’re providing services for enough of you. It’s a juggling act to ensure you honour and respect each of your commitments to without letting yourself and other people down, but it’s doable.

    5.       Communicate Regularly

    Communicate with your stakeholders regularly. Let them know they’re on your radar and that you’re thinking about them. Don’t just wait until a scheduled appointment to touch base with them.

    6.       Administration of Business

    Remember to administrate your business as well as doing the work that makes up the front end of your business. This means keeping your accounts in order, keeping on top of invoices, managing your website well, and so on.

    7.       Equipment

    You’ll need equipment of a high enough quality and reliability to help you manage all of your career interests. We’re talking about things like a good computer, printer, smartphone and landline here.

    8.       Back Up Systems

    No matter how reliable your equipment is, it’s only wise to have backups in case something goes down. It’s also important to have backups for everything of importance on your computer and to have contingency plans for when something goes wrong with your software, cash flow or whatever it may be.

    9.       Look After Yourself

    Don’t get so caught up in looking after your interests that you forget to look after yourself. No matter how busy you get it’s important to eat well, hydrate regularly, take regular exercise, keeping socialising and pursuing your hobbies in your spare time and get plenty of rest. By looking after your mind and body in this way, you’ll be in a better position to manage your multiple career interests while avoiding stress.

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