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    What are the Benefits of Coaching?

    There are many advantages to using a coach. However, this is not always clear to everyone, which is why we've put together a short guide: Get a Coach to Get Ahead, which offers more insight into what coaching is about, the benefits of coaching and how to get the most out of coaching for your career.

    To give you some initial thoughts...

    Coaching brings issues to the surface and enables you to think them through in a safe environment. It stretches your thinking and challenges you. It can help you understand better how you work.

    Through learning about your strengths and weaknesses you gain confidence in being you. It can help you to get a new perspective on issues and find new ways to manage specific situations. Through coaching you might start to see patterns in your life and may also be able to see patterns in others. Here are some specific beneficial outcomes of a good coaching relationship:

    • You improve your knowledge of yourself
    • You start discovering new ways to think about things and alternatives ways to act
    • You become more resilient as you start drawing on more of your potential than you were previously
    • You can eventually become more resourceful through coaching
    • You start getting what you want to do done
    • You’re more confident in putting your point across because you’re more confident in being you
    • You gain perspective as you learn how to take time out and reflect upon what you’ve done
    • You react less emotionally to difficult situations and focus more on developing a solution, or alternative way of dealing with the situation     

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