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    10 Tips for Updating Your Personal Brand

    Feel the need to refresh your personal brand (see our 125 Personal Branding Tips eBook) but don’t know where to start? Updating your brand need not be a massive or difficult task. By taking your time to take the steps below, you can easily balance the process with your other commitments and interests.

    Review Your Progress

    If you took your time with the initial creation of your personal brand, you will have built it with a particular goal in mind. Reflect on the progress you’ve since made towards achieving that objective and on how your brand has helped and/or hindered you. Think about how you can tweak your brand to get you even closer to the prize.

    Set a New Goal

    It may well be that you’ve already achieved the goal that you had in mind when you first started brand-building. If this is the case, feel free to target a new objective and think of ways to adjust your personal brand accordingly. Incidentally, focusing on specific goals one after the other like this is preferable to trying to pursue several goals simultaneously. Chasing after lots of objectives at once leaves you unfocused, ineffective and confused.

    Get Feedback

    Ask individuals who know you well, and who know what a personal brand is, to describe your personal brand to you. The types of people you might ask include work colleagues, your mentor or any other professional acquaintances relatively close to you. Take their perceptions of your brand on board and use the information to work out what you’re doing well and what areas of improvement to work on.

    Quality Test Your Profiles

    When was the last time you actually read your own Twitter bio, LinkedIn page or CV? Put yourselves in the shoes of an employer and read them now. Be honest –what would an employer learn about you by reading this information? Would they come up with an accurate picture of you or is the information muddled, vague and/or out-of-date?  

    Look at our 125 LinkedIn Job Search Tips for more tips on using LinkedIn effectively. 

    Acknowledge Changes of Circumstance

    One reason why your online profiles and CV may be obsolete is because you may not have updated them every time your circumstances changed. If you’ve switched jobs, changed careers, gotten promoted, taken a career break to do new things or moved to a different city or country, this definitely needs to be reflected in all public information about you. From now on, update your profiles regularly. Keep in mind that apart from major life transitions, things can also change on a daily or weekly basis.

    Clean Up

    It may not just be your social media profiles that need re-working but also your actual updates. If you’ve taken your eye off your personal branding mission, you may well have posted some photos to Facebook or sent some tweets that don’t do your brand justice. Go through each of your social networking accounts and delete anything that isn’t appropriate. People seeing your page for the first time will never need to know about your faux pas.

    Recalculate Your Value

    Any brand worth taking seriously never undercharges for its products. When was the last time you checked that you’re getting paid the salary you deserve? It may have been a while since your last pay rise, or perhaps you haven’t even had a raise since you started your current role. Therefore, it’s entirely possible that your market value has increased without you realizing it. Get a rough estimation of what you should be earning by using one of the many free salary calculators online. 

    Make a Change to Your Appearance

    In order to refresh their personal brand, many people like to make some change to their appearance from time to time. This may be particularly helpful in refocusing your mind if you’ve set yourself a new goal, as discussed in point #2. We’re not saying you should completely overhaul the way you look—think about making just one change, such as trying out a new hair colour, wearing different colour clothes or accessorizing with a new watch, cufflinks or neck scarf.

    Learn Something New

    Your knowledge, skills and understanding of the world all contribute to the way people see you. To keep challenging and improving people’s perceptions of your brand, aim to be continuously learning. It could be something as simple as reading a new online article every day or borrowing and reading a different book from your local library each week or month. It might be something that requires more commitment, such as attending evening classes to learn a new language or signing up to a series of webinars by the same presenter.

    Look After Yourself

    If you’ve been neglecting your brand-building mission because you’re feeling tired, stressed out or run down, it’s probably because you’ve been neglecting yourself. It’s easier said than done, but try getting more sleep, drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day, introducing more fruit, vegetables and whole grains to your diet, finding a form of exercise you enjoy or consuming less sugar and alcohol. By gradually implementing just one or two of these lifestyle changes, you’ll feel more energized—and more enthusiastic about refreshing your personal brand.

    For more practical and actionable tips, hints and tricks on personal branding, check out our new eBook 125 Personal Branding Tips.

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