Career Passions Toolkit

Find your true career passion in 3 easy steps now: Understand You  }  Discover Your Passions  }  Explore 

Work through these 3 key stages with our 4 easy-to-follow workbooks...  

Exploring your career assets / My philosophy on working life

Identifying my career passions / Generating career options

AND 2 webinar learning sessions: 

Finding your passion in mid career / Finding a fulfilling new career

Gain a deeper understanding of what drives and motivates you, what you find exciting and inspiring and where your true career passions lie. 

Get this career passions package now for £69

Discover where your true career passion lies now!

This career passions toolkit is perfect for you if:

You feel like you are in the wrong job or career

You need some inspiration 

You want to explore what you can do from a new perspective 

You want to discover your career passions

You want to do this now!


These workbooks & webinars are also available to buy individually:



















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