Career Guide: Charles Bates

As a computer and technology sales professional, Charles has worked with a number of high-profile firms, namely the London Rubber Company; EMI; Whitbread; Computer Sciences Corporation; The Gartner Group; and BIS.

This wealth of experience puts him in a prime position for guiding others whose careers are based around the top companies in the world. Charles’ emphasis on the importance of self-belief and taking control of your life also equips him to be an excellent Position Ignition Career Guide, as symbolised by his favourite quote, Henry Ford’s famous “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re probably right”.

However, Charles is also realistic and will never encourage anyone to stretch himself or herself more than they actually have to. His philosophy of ‘Don’t try to do too many things’ perfectly echoes Position Ignition’s belief that sometimes a tiny career shift is all that is needed in life.

Charles’ emphasis on the importance of  self-belief gives him the ability to inspire others to achieve great things, just as that other go-getting business guru, Warren Buffet, inspires Charles  himself as a Position Ignition Career Guide. 

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