Career Guide: Chris Trigg

Chris Trigg has nearly 40 years’ experience in military and civilian management and is a Chartered Engineer with a Master’s degree in an engineering discipline. 

He is a multi-skilled manager and director, experienced in many aspects of business. He has had significant responsibilities, up to Vice President level in an international organization. With his in-depth business experience in strategic planning, analysis and problem solving, and developing leaders and managers, he has always been intimately involved with change processes that have impacted on culture and personnel. 

His focus is now primarily on coaching and mentoring Board members, executives and senior management teams to produce business growth, and addressing issues around values, leadership and corporate governance that underpin such growth. 

Chris has successfully coached members of senior management teams in a number of high growth companies.  Qualifying as an NLP Practitioner in 2010, he has added a new depth of understanding to his coaching and takes a holistic approach to the individual rather than just focus on their business persona.  The improvement in team and individual performances in one High Growth company formed the basis of his successful applications to become a Member of the Association for Coaching, a Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute and a Chartered Manager. 

As a member of the Institute of Directors, a non-executive director of a number of companies and a trustee of a local charity, Chris understands some of the potential career transitions which may be considered by executives.  He also works a volunteer mentor for students at the University of Lincoln, helping them to gain an insight into the business environment and how they can effectively prepare for their employment after graduation. 

Chris is an accomplished communicator and, based on his international experience, is culturally aware.  He enjoys seeing people and businesses become successful, and wholeheartedly embraces the Position Ignition values and framework as a way to have a real impact on individuals at all stages of their business and personal life.


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