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    Samantha* came to Position Ignition having had a lot of experience in the Learning and Development (L&D) field (L&D is a specialist area within the field of Human Resources). She has had a successful career so far but was keen to make a change. She wanted to find something that would stimulate and inspire her and she knew that L&D wasn’t it. She was ready to identify where she wanted to go next but wasn’t sure quite where to start. Samantha's personal story is as follows...

    "Before I got in contact with Position Ignition I was completely at a cross road in my career and my life. The only thing I knew is that I didn't want to do the job I was doing for the last 7 years and I wanted to eventually go back to Spain (where I am originally from) but didn't know when and how much I wanted to do it. I could say I was in a little bit of a mess in my brain and that wasn’t fun. All in all I was a bit desperate for help and answers.

    Then I discovered Position Ignition via LinkedIn and decided to send them an email to request information. I got in contact with Nisa. I explained to her my situation and she provided me with information about the different programs they had in place and got me in contact with several clients before I made any decision. She was really flexible and understanding and that really made the difference for me in deciding to do one of their personal programs with a Career Guide and I never regretted it. I could say now it was worth every penny.

    From the first meeting I had with my guide I could see this was a very personal program, where you and your needs are at the centre of the whole experience. Nothing to do with many other career services you might find out there. In Position Ignition they help you to look at you, your career, your qualities, your values and your life in general as a whole as opposed to taking your career as a separate entity and I find that a much more solid and effective approach. That surprised me very positively from the beginning. I believe that everybody should do a program like this at least once in his or her life.

    I could talk endlessly about my experience with Position Ignition but in general I can say it was really positive. My Guide helped not only to discover what I wanted to do and the reasons why I wanted to do it (it sounds easy but actually took a lot of searching and research) and also taught me strategies to progressively move there (this is where I am now about to start a position very close to achieve my goal); also provided me with tools and techniques that enabled me to be more confident with myself and my career moving forwards."

    Whilst working with us Samantha* has discovered that she has a real enthusiasm for Digital Marketing and she has started to build her new career in this field. She continues to stay connected to us here at Position Ignition and is a close member of our community.

    *Names have been changed to respect our client’s privacy