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    Liz is 24 years old and has recently graduated from the University of Leeds in Sports Science and Physiology. She was working as a receptionist in a gym when she decided to seek help in figuring out which direction to go in next. After working with us, she is now about to start a midwifery degree at King’s College London. She is very excited about her chosen career direction and here she shares with us why…

    What were you hoping to get from seeking career help from us? 

    I was seeking a better understanding of where my strengths lay. What kind of career would be suited to my strengths? Am I suited to a medical career? I had a real desire for confirmation that my ideas are in the right direction.

    What was your experience of career help so far?

    A career consultant at school based her suggestions on a formal interview and tests. Position Ignition was much better as it treated me holistically. They did not just look at traditional strengths and weaknesses but everything. It was really good to include the positive and negative values as this plays a large part in career enjoyment through to the kinds of people you will enjoy working with.

    What happened when you worked with us?

    I had one face to face meeting to discuss my life story, strengths and weaknesses, positive and negative values and life goals. I then had, two further Skype calls to discuss potential careers.

    Was it helpful?

    It was all really useful. It met my expectations of being a holistic approach to finding the right career direction. It was challenging to look back at my life and talk at length about it.

    Discussing my positive and negative values was something that I had never considered before when discussing career choices. It was valuable to think about the other people that you will be in contact with on a daily basis as well as whether you personally are suited to the job.

    What did you think of your Career Guide?

    Really friendly and easy to talk to. Very good at listening to what I had to say and translating that into forward momentum in terms of my career choice. Also very supportive.

    It was great to have the opportunity to have follow up Skype sessions to discuss any further questions I had having had time to digest the information given at the initial meeting.

    How did you feel initially and how do you feel now?

    I felt unsure about the career direction I wanted to take and unsure about whether the choices that I was thinking about making were the right ones. I feel much more confident in my decision to pursue midwifery now. I am confident that I have the skills and qualities required and that I will enjoy working with other people in the profession. I am also confident that a career in midwifery will enable me to have the lifestyle I hope to have in the future.

    Have the people around you noticed a difference?

    The say I am much less fickle about what I want to do! They tell me that I seem confident and happy with the choices that I’ve made instead of constantly worrying about doing the wrong thing.

    Would you recommend us to others?

    Yes I would recommend you. I would tell people that it is infinitely helpful to look at the picture holistically and that Position Ignition allow for this.

    Liz Stevens - University Student