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    Oliver Lombard is 22 years old. He had recently completed his studies at Newcastle University where he was studying Politics and Economics. He had been applying for several corporate Graduate Schemes but was having no success. He graduated with a 2:1 without a job, until he came to us and now he is about to start as a Trainee Insurance Broker with F P Marine…

    What brought you to Position Ignition?

    “I had tried to look for jobs on my own but had failed.  I wanted to know what I was doing wrong, how I could improve my applications and the best way I thought was to get some expert advice. Another client had recommended that I come to Position Ignition, so I did.”

    Have you had any career help before?

    Yes, from the University Careers Department. I found their advice vague and generic.  They helped me with my CV, covering letters and interview technique.  It was beneficial but ultimately it was not a tailor made solution to match my needs. They did not have the same depth in knowledge or the passion as the people I was in contact with at Position Ignition.

    What did you do end up doing with us?

    I had a number of thorough meetings with my Career Guide. 6 hours in total. It was step by step guidance. It was about making sure I really knew what industry I wanted to work for, then it was about helping me build up the tools I needed to attract and impress potential employers. 

    I worked on improving my preparation skills for interviews and I was shown how I can identity the necessary information about a company so that I had the knowledge and the confidence to be a successful candidate.

    Was it what you expected?

    Yes. It was above my expectations actually. The most challenging part, however, was in carrying on and remaining determined if and when I received a letter of rejection, but I did keep going and it worked.

    What did you find most helpful and valuable?

    The fact that my Career Guide is obviously very experienced in this field and the fact that there was real understanding around my exact needs was really valuable.

    Knowing that with Position Ignition’s support I was heading in the right direction and eventually my hard work would pay off, was what kept me going.

    Was it worth it?

    Investing in a career may seem initially expensive but the long-term opportunities it gives are invaluable. I don’t think I would have found a job with such opportunity or as quickly without my Career Guide’s help.

    How were you feeling when you first started and how do you feel now?

    I felt a little lost and overwhelmed by how many career paths are out there.  This work helped me focus on what career would suit my strengths and what matched my values. Then I had a lot of help on my applications and interviews.

    What would you say to others thinking about getting career help?

    Career help can be incredibly useful in giving you direction and support. In the current economic time, it’s even more important that you make the most of opportunities and with career help this will be the case.

    Oliver Lombard - Trainee Insurance Broker