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    Stephen came to Position Ignition after his redundancy in 2011. He was introduced to us through his Business School Alumni and decided to contact us directly after having had 21 interviews with different organisations without much success.

    Stephen came to us feeling rather low. He had been very active in the job market, applying for various roles and making it through to several interviews but for some reason, he found himself unable to capture a role. This was a very frustrating situation to be in and so he contacted us for support. Stephen describes his experience:

    ‘Having been made redundant in August 2011, part of my strategy in job searching was to contact my Alumni at DUBS who introduced me to Position Ignition. Initially I partook in a series of webinars, which I found to be inspiring, informative and above all practical in their advice.

    Subsequently I engaged Simon North as a consultant to assist me in my job search. I found his advice to be particularly insightful and honest, akin to entering the confessional!

    In my experience of job-hunting, which took 19 months, it’s essential to team up with someone like Simon to help you regain your confidence and steer you through the minefield of unemployment back to a sense of self worth. I can recommend PI’s services to you wholeheartedly and unreservedly.’

    So - what did we do?

    Stephen starting working with us in June 2012 after having taken a break in the summer of 2011 and having applied for various roles in the Autumn of 2011 and early 2012. He had nine focused, but short, one to one sessions to help him develop and implement a job search strategy that would work.

    During the process Stephen analysed what he had been doing, what was going on and what he needed to do in order to start getting some real traction. Although Stephen had many opportunities, he had been applying for jobs that were too wide for his areas of specialism and activity.

    What strategy did we use?

    Through our support, Stephen targeted his approach and he began to make some real progress. He decided to pull out of several opportunities and became more selective about which ones to go for. All of his activities, his profiles and his communications became more focused and aligned to the specific area that he and we together, had chosen to target. He was playing to his strengths and was honing in on his own particular skill set and his USPs.

    Did it work?

    After months of hard work together, Stephen found himself drawn towards a job opportunity that matched his desired role. On closer inspection, he identified that he had discovered not only a good role but also an interesting employer. Stephen was delighted.

    Stephen has recently joined his new team and is enjoying settling into his new work environment.

    ‘I definitely made the right choice. So far, all the signs are positive. It’s a really fascinating organisation with a great deal of valued history and strong continuity but they are also willing to embrace change, which is just what I was looking for.

    I’m in a very good team and am looking forward to where this role will take me. I’m so pleased to have got to where I am and I definitely made the right choice when it came to working with Position Ignition. I’ve already recommended them to my colleagues and I’m looking forward to catching up with Simon over a coffee again soon!’

    Chief Operating Officer at the International Students House London