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    Can you tell us about yourself?

    “I’m a lawyer. I’ve worked in private practice doing family and civil law. For most of my career I’ve worked for financial services organisations as a General Council and Company Secretary. I did an MBA a couple of years ago. I decided to move sectors and have recently landed this brand new role.”

    What was your situation when you came to us?

    “I had just got into this new role that hadn’t existed in the past. I was trying to find my way to develop my role within my organisation and to try and provide the best service that I could.

    In new roles sometimes I think it’s difficult because no-one really knows what they want or what’s expected so I wanted some guidance on that.  It had taken the company a very long time to recruit for this role and the business was very fast moving, fast changing – so having someone guide me through it was really helpful. I was now in a different sector to before so this was quite a change, it was completely different and I hadn’t worked in this way before.

    I reported to 4 people all with very different requirements, needs and expectations so being able to manage that and balance it well was really important.”

    Why did you come to Position Ignition?

    “I met Simon North and learnt about the business and thought he had a lot to offer – good experience, an interesting and diverse background – so I thought that he would be able to give me some good guidance (coaching and mentoring), which at the time was useful for me. I’ve seen other executives go to other firms and getting mixed results. I think chemistry is so important and I felt comfortable working with Position Ignition.”

    What was your experience like?

    “I learnt a lot about myself and how to deal with different situations through this. The first session we had was completely different to anything I’ve ever done. It ranged from life history to looking at what values I had and where I wanted to go – so I learnt a lot about myself going through it. It was about the discovery of me, my background and what I was looking to do with my career and in my role.” 

    What was most helpful to you?

    “Being able to get somebody else to help me assess what to do in a given situation was really valuable. Having someone independent give me their view and ideas around ‘Had I thought about it this way or that way’ or ‘What if I tried this approach’ – was really helpful basically to have a different and insightful perspective and angle on things.

    We met in open spaces in a completely different setting to where I worked which was really great for me. It was also helpful to work through difficult situations that I faced at work and with the senior management team I was working in.”

    Do you feel like it has made a difference?

    “Yes definitely. I got a lot out of it. It gave me a lot of new information and learning which is all very useful. Most came from my Guide’s background and experience. I’m able to deal with different issues in a different way now – not always jumping straight to conclusions which are usually wrong, but now being able to put myself in someone else’s shoes and assess the situation with much more insight and in a more effective way.”

    Would you recommend us to others?

    “Yes definitely. I think you have very diverse skills and are a very innovative organisation. Your Guides have a range of backgrounds, which I think is really important in this type of work compared to some consultants who all seem the same. In your case - your people have lived!”

    General Council and Company Secretary