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    John came to Position Ignition having sold an SME (Small and Medium Enterprise), where he was Managing Director, and then having worked as a turnaround business consultant for 2 years. He is 46 years old and was looking for help with his next steps. Since working with us he has become a Non Executive Director of a large hospital trust and is also the Commercial Director of an innovative start-up business in the clean energy sector.

    Here we ask him to share his experience and to tell us about the process that got him there.

    Why did you seek professional career help?

    “I approached Position Ignition (PI) as I found myself on a 'roundabout of options' and knew that the next steps I’d take would be important and should therefore be built on solid consideration. It’s hard do this alone, and so professional impartiality is needed. I’m glad I made the decision to use PI.”

    What made you choose us? 

    “I was recommended to PI by a friend. I then met Simon and Nisa and really liked their approach and experience. I had been to one of the major executive career consulting firms in 1999 but found their approach very two dimensional. PI’s approach is much more holistic and helped me consider all aspects of my life and also sought my wife’s opinion too.”

    What did you do with us?

    “I met my Career Guide many times for discussions and reflections on various 'homework' that I’d done. The programme approach was very useful. It considered my hopes, interests, lifestyle requirements, motives, fears, and reflected on my past – both domestic and professional – to tease out what I really enjoyed doing. The web-based personality analysis was also pleasingly balanced, as was the feedback and discussion.

    The most challenging part was closing down options – at one stage everything seemed interesting and possible, but focus was needed to ensure success.  Over time we honed in on relevant targets and my Career Guide encouraged and coached me prior to specific interviews.”

    What has happened since?

    “Since going through the PI process I have become a NED (Non Executive Director) of a large hospital trust and also joined a VC (Venture Capital) backed start-up in the clean energy sector. Both roles are changes of industry, but both call on my experience and qualifications. 

    The shift is significant because my desire to work in 'do good' sectors has been met; supporting a hospital trust through transformation and the budget challenges it faces is a challenge and honour. Applying my industrial business experience to the clean energy sector and helping a young company grow rapidly is exciting."

    What are your thoughts on your work with us?

    “It was definitely worth the £5K I spent. My Guide became a friend. He was always very encouraging and thought provoking. He’s great. He’s someone who was happy to receive a phone call for advice anytime and he also rings me now and again to see how things are going with me now. Without my Guide, his skill, experience and credentials, I’m sure I’d still be on that roundabout of options!”

    How did you feel at the beginning, and how do you feel now?

    “When I first met my Career Guide I really wasn’t sure what to expect, and I was slightly skeptical about the process (i.e. "Can’t I do this alone?…"Do I need to spend £5K..?).

    As mentioned already, I’m glad I took the plunge – the investment was well worth it. The financial payback period could be calculated in months, but the experience my new roles have brought are worth much more than the financial components of this decision and outcome.

    I’d certainly recommend Position Ignition (and have done so several times). Professional help on such an important subject is money well spent.”

    John Moore - Non Executive of a Hospital Trust and Commercial Director of an Energy Business