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    « The Graduate With His First Job and a Career Plan »

    Edward was about to graduate from University. He was studying Chemistry in Birmingham and had no firm idea what he wanted to do next or how to go about finding out.

    He thought about further study and decided to sign up for a Masters. He also wanted to go travelling. Another option was for him to get a job and for him, getting a role in the financial services industry sounded appealing.  So: what was the right option for him and what did he really want to do now?

    Edward came to us uncertain of the best way forward. It was straight after he graduated (June 2010) that Position Ignition began guiding him towards his next step.

    How did you find the programme?

    “It worked really well having meetings and then distilling targets that then enabled me to do my own work. My Career Guide was a big help – she was always on hand to answer any question I had and was a great support.

    I started out not really knowing what I wanted or what would be best for me but through this process I’ve become really clear about what I want; the best thing is that I’ve also managed to get it.  I had no focus initially and too many options – it was difficult to know where to start. Having this support helped me to understand what was important to me – doing a Masters or getting a job. I ended up knowing exactly what type of job I wanted, where, in what city and in about a month, through a lot of creative thinking and a much sharper focus on my job search, I got a job!

    I was also able to travel which was another thing I wanted to do but whilst I was abroad, my job fell through because the person who hired me left the company! That was unfortunate and I was really disappointed but we worked through it and came up with a new strategy fairly quickly. Soon after I arrived back in the UK, I worked with my Career Guide again in order to secure another job. My job search paid off for a second time and, I’m really happy now.”

    What did you value most from it?

    “The most useful part was expert opinion about how to structure my future career path. The support and the insight I gained were invaluable. I achieved my objective in that I was able to break into the financial industry and I have a clear path and plan for where I’m heading.  I learnt a lot about myself and about how to pitch and package my skills in the market. I was very clear about what I wanted and began to understand what I needed to do in order to get it.  Right now, I have a job and I’m loving it!"

    How do you feel about the investment?

    “The process has definitely been economically worthwhile with the final outcome being a job.  This more then offset the initial cost as it helped me focus on what was important to me – the Masters or move directly into the job market. A Masters would have cost a lot and now I know that it would have been unnecessary. I also could have wasted a lot of time meandering around before I figured out what I wanted.”

    How would you describe the service to others?

    “It was a process where I had professional advice to collate my opinions and aspirations upon moving into the job market.  It was a programme full of personal support which gets to the bottom of what you are really after, what’s important to you and that also looks at the practical elements of making it happen. It’s a service that sees you through and got results. If someone I knew was looking for help with their next step or in finding the right job for them, I would definitely refer them to Position Ignition.”

    What did your parents have to say?

    "We have been very pleased with the outcome not least because it made Edward focus on what was important to him - Masters or employment.  You will not therefore be surprised that there has been a significant cost saving to us!

    He is already seeing it as a route to understanding the City better and identifying his next career step.  I have no doubt that he would not have been as relatively successful in his approaches to companies without your help.  Your advice and guidance motivated him to achieve a successful outcome."

    Edward Johnstone, Happy Graduate and son of a Senior Army Officer and School Teacher