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    « The Hunter instead of the Hunted »

    After ten years with the same company, Chris wanted help in deciding in which direction to move in next. He had decided that it was time for his next career move and that he wasn’t going to do things the conventional way.  He wanted to find a more rewarding career and he wanted a new approach to getting it.

    Why did you come to Position Ignition?

    “I came to Position Ignition because I wanted to try something outside of the normal recruitment process. I wanted an alternative to traditional routes like signing up with a headhunter”.

    What did you find to be most valuable from the process?

    “We looked at my skills, aspirations and values, then mapped them onto potential career options. We narrowed it down to three main options: a linear move, something slightly auxiliary to that, or something completely different, wild and wacky. It was brilliant.

    Working with Position Ignition challenged my initial thoughts and helped me work outside the box. It was a very positive experience as I was able to sit back and analyse the available choices. It gave me a way to identify what would work and be really right for me.”

    Do you think the programme was successful?

    “It certainly was. It totally paid off because I’ve ended up where I wanted to be, somewhere that’s the right place for me”.

    After identifying four or five organisations he was interested in, Chris eventually moved to Motorola and has now been there for nearly 2 and half years. He didn’t apply via the normal routes but instead identified his target and convinced them to create a role around him.

    Global Account Director, Motorola