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    Victoria approached Position Ignition looking for a new career and aiming to build up the skills that would help her get there. She was unclear about what she wanted to do and had decided to work through a programme to help her figure out her next steps. This is what Victoria had to say:

    Why did you come to Position Ignition?

    “It made sense for me to come to Position Ignition. I was unsatisfied in my current career and wanted to figure out what to do next. I was looking for something with structure, but I wasn’t finding anything that was jumping out at me. They also came highly recommended by a friend and when I met them, I knew that I wanted to get started.”

    How did you feel when you first met us?

    “I wasn’t really sure what to expect what I met with my Career Guide. I was a bit apprehensive asking someone for help with my career since previously I tended to do it with my friends but things weren’t working for me so I was ready to try something new and I was ready to be very open and honest with myself to figure out what it was that I needed to do in order to really move on with my career.”

    How did you find the programme approach?

    “I told my life story to my Position Ignition Career Guide and it made a nice change to talk to someone about who I am instead of being told what to do on the basis of my CV. I’d never really focused on myself in this way before. We looked at what I was strong at and what my best qualities were and between that and the next session I had a much better idea of who I am. It was really insightful and has given me a whole new perspective of myself and what I can do.”

    What drew you towards our process?

    “What I found different was that it was really about me. I had someone to talk to, to bounce ideas off of, to give me feedback and let me know if I was on the right track and I had real guidance. It wasn’t about what I fit into best or what my CV fitted me into. It was about who I am as a person. It was about what I wanted, where I was going and where I’d been, the things I’ve done and the things I’m good at. It opened up a world of possibilities, which I’ve never had before. When you go to a traditional agency they just want to read your CV and tell you what you are best suited for – not necessarily what you want to do but with Position Ignition, it was very refreshing."

    What did you find most helpful?

    “By working out where my strengths lie, I was able to identify a handful of possibilities instead of taking the shotgun approach and going after everything. That was a key lesson I learnt. It also became clear that starting my own business was what I wanted to do and I haven’t ever come to that conclusion before. It was just a case of ‘an entrepreneur of what?’.

    I’ve really valued my time with my Career Guide. He has given me a lot of advice and contacts. Being able to utilise his network and count on his support gives me the motivation to carry on. This was definitely the best investment I’ve made in myself in a long time.”

    What would you have done if you hadn’t found us?

    “In the past I did the traditional things: looking on the web, looking in the newspaper, contacting agencies and basically looking at my CV. It was a very scattergun approach, anything to anybody and it was a numbers game. The more I got out there the more opportunity I thought I might find, rather than narrowing it down to a specific type of job or field and actually getting better results. This time around I’ve been able to be much more selective and identify only those things that I thought were worthy of me.

    Also when I came to Position Ignition I was going through a really bad time. My friends would say that I was a bit depressed and wasn’t my normal self. After going through the Position Ignition process I can honestly say that I have focus now and direction, and I sleep at night much better. I’m pursuing something I’ve always dreamt of doing but never really thought I could do – or maybe it was my lack of self confidence but I’ve gotten that back and things are much better now.”

    Would you recommend us to others?

    “Since finishing my career change programme I have been recommended this service to all of my friends! It would be fabulous for anyone looking to change careers, whether you have a job or don’t have a job. I would say that if you’re currently unemployed and are looking for an investment into what you are going to do next – I would highly recommend this. My life has changed significantly in terms of what I want to do and where I’m going. It has been the best investment in my career to date.”

    With us, Victoria was able to reflect on her gluten intolerance and love of cookery. Sensing an opportunity to combine cooking & baking with helping others intolerant to gluten, she decided to set up a gluten-free dough business initially selling ready-made cookie dough. 

    Marketing Manager turned Entrepreneur