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    « The Shift from Crossroads to Clarity »

    Annette came to Position Ignition in 2010 and completed a one-on-one career control programme with us. We interviewed her at the end of this process to get her feelings and views on her experience.

    Why did you come to Position Ignition?

    “I was at a crossroads in my career. I was working for a great company and I had an interesting job but there was something that wasn’t quite right. I felt like I needed to make a bit of a change but I wasn’t sure which direction I wanted to go in. 

    I had been with this company for 11 years and it was time to do something different. I wasn’t specialising in any particular area and wanted to explore what niche would work well for me. I wanted professional help and was delighted to find Position Ignition”

    How did you find us?

    “I found Position Ignition via the web. I had researched a few other companies but what interested me was the way that the process was explained. It didn’t sound like a process. It sounded very personal and for me it really resonated.”

    Why did you seek professional guidance with your career?

    “There were elements of my role that I wasn’t enjoying and I was very uncertain about what I really wanted to do. I found it hard to find the time to take a step back and to really think about what I wanted. Doing that when you’re working everyday and on my own I found very difficult. I tried to think about my future plans but found it hard to have those conversations with myself! I spoke to my manager, my friends and partner but all of those people have a vested interested in what you are doing and for those sorts of people, change can throw up lots of concerns. It was difficult to do this myself, so I thought that having someone to guide me through the maze would be really helpful.”

    What stood out about Position Ignition?

    “What I really liked about the programme was that one of the first things that we did was to look at my entire life. It wasn’t just about my career but it was about all of me.  Doing that really helped me put where I was at the time in context so I could see what I’d done, how I’d got to where I’d got to, the things I’d enjoyed doing along the way, the relationships that I’d had – and all those things started to build up a strong picture of myself, my skills and my experiences. It really helped me to focus on which direction I wanted to move forwards with. I was able to see what my skills were and what I enjoyed doing most and hence what my niche would be."

    What came out of the process for you?

    “Since it started with me – who I was and where I came from, it got me back in touch with what I was good at and the things I’d lost track of. I began to get very excited about what the future might hold for me. Exploring my options was a great phase and the clarifying process was very powerful. I came to the point where I thought "Aha!" That’s it! That’s what I want to do and that’s the area I want to be working in.

    It was a structured process yet at the same time was very flexible. For me that was important because I wanted the room to really think about the future and to see where I could go.”

    What has happened since we started?

    “I’ve set up my own business as a result of this. The process has helped me to connect with several really interesting people who all form an essential piece of the puzzle. I’m getting a lot of energy from the conversations I’m having and I know what I want.” 

    What do you tell people about what has happened to you?

    “It’s been another life experience in the sense of moving me into the next phase of my life. From all the other experiences I’ve had so far - of which I’ve enjoyed many and had some interesting jobs - but I don’t remember ever feeling so engaged and energised about the next phase. It has been quite a pivotal moment and turning point that has moved me forwards into a great place.”

    Any other thoughts on your journey with us?

    “It has taken me 8 months. Compared to other phases of change they have felt much longer and much more arduous than what I’ve done here and I’ve achieved so much in what is a relatively short period of time for me and for the amount of change that has happened.”

    You paid for this programme out of your own pocket so how did you rate the value of what you received?

    “I’ve had an enormous return on my investment. I wanted professional assistance in helping me move forwards in the next phase of my life. To me that is incredibly important to me because it’s ‘my life’. I felt a huge benefit right from the first phase of the programme. It helped me connect back to the things that were important to me and my core values. The reflecting back to me of myself was invaluable because I couldn’t do that on my own or with the people around me. Then the guidance right through to my end goal was really helpful. The final stages were very practical. I am absolutely clear about where I’m going now and I have a new future.”

    Formerly at Microsoft, Currently New Business Owner