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    Alistair came across Position Ignition in 2010 when he was at a crossroads in his life.  He had always been a successful businessman and had a lot of choices in terms of what he could do but he wasn’t sure what he wanted to do next. It was important at this stage in his life, for him to make certain decisions that would be right for him, his wife and his family.  He decided to work with us through a personally tailored programme to get him back in control of his career and to help him identify exactly where he wanted to go next.  After his work with us, he gave us the following feedback:

    How successful has this process been for you?

    “The process has been very successful. It has enabled me to make more confident and informed choices as to which areas of my business life play most strongly and consistently to my strengths, and avoiding those that don’t.”

    How did the programme structure work for you?

    “The structure struck the right balance of questioning and guidance but at all times leaving me feeling totally in control of the process and responsible for the outcomes."

    How important was the Career Guide to you through the process?

    “Essential. As with all great guides and coaches, the quality of the questions, coupled to a logical sequence, made the Career Guides role key in helping me progress forwards.  It really enabled me to think deeply.”

    What has been of most value to you?

    “I was able to define my strengths under 3 headlines (evidenced through my background), which helps me to filter my options and make much smarter decisions. To me, this is hugely valuable. You can’t put a figure on how valuable my investment was. It was priceless!”

    What would you say to someone thinking about working with Position Ignition?

    “Be prepared for a really positive but at the same time challenging process that will leave you inspired to make more confident and rewarding decisions about your life going forward.”

    Would you like to say anything else?

    “Position Ignition is the leading-edge way to manage career and life in a world of ever-increasing opportunities and choices.”

    Managing Director