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    Changing Careers

    Do you want a career change but don't know where to start?


    Download our free 40 Career Change Tips eBook now by signing up to our newsletter now.

    These tips are a great starting place to help you think through whether a career change is right for you or not, and if so, what you need to do in order to make it happen. 



    Career Change Programmes

    If you are serious about making your career change happen, you can increase your chances of success by working with one of our experienced Career Guides (Meet the Team).

    We create a personalised programme with you, which will take you step-by-step through your career change. We will help you to:

    • Appreciate the value you have
    • Explore your passions
    • Map out your career options
    • Create a structured action plan
    • Achieve a new start
    • Start your new career with confidence

    Personalised programmes start from around £2500 + VAT and give you the opportunity to work closely with a professional Career Guide through each key stage in your career change.

    If this sounds like something that would benefit you, request a free consultation now to learn more about how we can help.

    Download our Career Change Programme Brochure for more information.

    Not sure if we're right for you? Read our clients' experiences:


    DIY Career Change

    If you need a less expensive way through your career change, we can still offer you a range of professional support through our Career Ignition Club.  For a small annual or monthly subscription, you can access all of our webinars, eBooks, worksheets and other materials whenever you wish and from wherever you want.

    Access webinars on topics like:






    Get Started with your Career Change Now

    If you aren’t quite sure where to start:

    1. Work through our Career Change Workbooks – to give yourself some structure and to move forward with your thinking
    2. Read our free 40 Career Change Tips - which you can get by signing up to our newsletter (see the top of the page)
    3. Check that you’ve thought everything through by going through our Make a Career Change Happen eBook
    4. Request a free consultation – to explore your next steps

    Also look at our free advice articles on our Career Change blog and keep looking at our workshops and webinars page: to sign up to live, up and coming webinars.

















    Recommended Career Change Books

    For further reading, we have selected the following books to help you with your career change. If you click on the images you will find out more information about each one and will be able to purchase these via