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    Corporate Services

    When individuals reach key transition points in their career, they need Position Ignition to support them. Our work with companies and with leading business schools has established a successful approach which helps organisations to support their employees, to get clear about their specific needs, and indeed yours, so that you can agree a positive way forwards for all parties. Our work combines the corporate and commercial experience of our highly qualified team, with an established methodology that gives them the expertise to support individuals through times of change.

    Our services include: 

    Senior Level Leaving

    We will support your most senior level executives (including senior partners and board members) in how they leave your organisation. Providing a clear, smooth exit pathway can make the process easier for all concerned. Financial support is rarely the key issue.

    We can help you to make way for up and coming talent, to plan for succession effectively and to support those leaving in a personal, planned and respectful way. You will have a more balanced approach to restructuring, planning and preparing for your organisation’s future.


    Career Crossings

    We can assist you in making sure that each member of your team is making the right decisions at key points of transition in their career - with outcomes that work both for you and for them.

    Our successful method supports your staff as they progress – returning from sabbaticals, post secondments, on landing a promotion or establishing that they haven’t quite made it to the next senior level.

    We can support those who are feeling stuck in their career. We can help you to manage their next steps and to re-engage with you - quickly, effectively and efficiently.

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    Engaging Your Capability

    Career coaching can help you to develop your managers into future leaders, determine who stays and who goes. We can also help you to create a clear, honest and transparent succession plan for your business.

    By working with us, you will manage the career progression and expectations of your staff more effectively and ensure that you have the right leaders and leadership capability for the future. 

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    Redundancy Support

    We offer you a cost-effective way to support your staff through the redundancy and exiting process and particularly beyond it.

    By delivering powerful online support through our webinars, literature and web-based resources such as our Career Ignition Club, we can provide expert and relevant advice to your staff as they move out into the job market.We can make sure that your employees feel supported and get access to the best advice and the most comprehensive support available. We can work with your teams in the UK and globally.