Online Career Development Resources

Our online career management resources have been created and designed to boost staff development, performance and retention and to improve employee engagement.

Through our bespoke career development portals and the Career Ignition Club (, we can offer your staff access to a wide range of multi-media career tools, videos and learning modules.

The online resources include a combination of webinars, videos, quick tip animations, online tools and checklists based on tried and tested approaches, latest research, input from experienced development professionals and our global network of expert career specialists and business people.

All of our online content has been created in conjunction with international business schools and offer practical and experiential learning in an easy-to-access, mobile-friendly way.



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What areas of career learning & development do we cover?

We have created 25 pre-selected learning packages for you to choose from. You can mix and match or if we don't have what you need, we can create new material specifically for you. Below are some sample packages:

Time management skills

Influencing and negotiating

Leadership skills

Getting things done

Teams and team working

Moving up

Personal development

Management skills


Making Your Mark

Transition support








We also have materials specifically for...

Transitioning up the organisation which includes:

Leadership development

Manager development

Talent management

We also have materials designed specifically for new starters, first time leaders (like the example video animation that you can watch here), and moving up to board level. Please download our brochure on Transitioning Up the Organisation for more information.


Transitioning out and beyond the organisation:

Career evaluation & next steps (includes job search, career exploration, career change)



Non Executive Directorships

This type of support is an excellent alternative and supplement to traditional outplacement support. Whether someone has been made redundant or if it's simply time for them to move on, our transition packs and our Career Ignition Club ( can offer them the support tools that they need to prepare and plan for their next steps.

To view some of our online materials explore the resources currently available on this website (webinars and animations, career eBooks and workbooks). Do, however keep in mind that these are a very small snapshot of our content compared to our full archive.

For more information on our full set of resources please contact us at