Career Guide: Dan Smith

Dan joined Position Ignition to fuel his interest in guiding individuals to achieve their goals and because of the personal approach that the company takes when working with individual clients. Dan likes the fact that when he works with someone, the journey that is taken is unique to that person.

Dan had a successful first career in IT consultancy, working in a wide range of sectors including utilities, pharmaceuticals, telecoms and finance.  During these 16 years he held both technical and managerial roles in the UK, France and Switzerland, gaining experience in a variety of roles across different types of working cultures.

Towards the end of this 16 year period, Dan decided to make a career transition and completed an Executive MBA from Cass Business School, an advanced diploma in Gestalt therapy theory from the Gestalt Centre and a certificate in professional coaching skills from Coaching Development inspiring him to work with people in a coaching and mentoring capacity full time.

Since completing his training, Dan continues to develop his coaching and mentoring experience by helping individuals through their personal and career challenges. He enjoys helping others to exceed their own expectations and has a particular interest in dealing with cultural differences, diversity issues and helping people to balance their career with other aspects of life. 

In addition to his personal coaching, career coaching and mentoring work, Dan enjoys working with organisations, consulting and helping them to implement successful change processes and to make sure that the organisation and people  are able to get the best out of each other.

Dan is also a volunteer mentor to current Executive MBA students at Cass Business School and is a single parent to his daughter who is now 19 years old.

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