Executive Job Search Toolkit

Accelerate your executive job search now

Get 3 enlightening workbooks on:

How to target & apply for jobs

Am I employable / Finding the ideal organisation for you

AND 4 webinar insight-led sessions: 

Networking at senior levels / Selling yourself with confidence

Getting into a senior role / Building and managing a portfolio career

AND 4 essential eBooks: 

100 Executive job search tips / Selling yourself with confidence

135 Networking career tips / 125 LinkedIn job search tips

Discover how to be smart in your job search and how to position yourself confidently in the job market. 

Get this executive job search package now for £145

Give your job search the boost you need to succeed!

This executive job search toolkit is perfect for you if:

You are serious about your executive job search

You want to be focused and targeted in your job search

You are keen to make the most of your networks

You want to be strategic and smart in your job hunting

You are ready to accelerate your job search now!


These eBooks, workbooks & webinars are also available to buy individually:









Am I employable?



















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