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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Before deciding to work with us, we understand that you are likely to have many questions. Here we have tried to answer the most common questions that we have come across from our clients:

    Can we help

    Who we work with


    How it works


    Can we help

    Can you help me find a job, deal with interview questions, improve my confidence?

    Yes and no. We can give you a structured approach to helping you find and land the right job for you.  We can support you until you reach your goal. However, we are not a recruitment agency.  So, we don’t have a set of jobs ready and waiting to be filled, nor will we go and find the job for you. 

    What we do is to help you get really clear about what it is that you want and then we can help you to go about actually getting it.  We’ll help you make an action plan and to implement this so that you are confident in doing all the right things in the market to land your next role.

    We have found that most of our clients experience a significant increase in confidence through working with us which has helped them as they shift to the next stage in their careers.    


    Can you help me explore my career options?

    Yes we certainly can.  We can give you a structured approach to exploring your career options.  You would work with one of our experienced Career Guides to discover new ideas and options for you, to scope them all out and to look at which ones can really work for you. 


    Can you help me change careers and figure out what I really want to do?

    Yes, this is exactly what we are here for.  We can help you figure out what you want to do next and where to go from here.  If you’re seeking a career change then we can help you through this change from start to finish i.e. from where you are now, right through to successfully making the change.

    You would work with one of our Career Guides who has had a lot of experience in changing careers and will understand what it takes to make this happen.  You would be guided every step of the way following a process that will get you where you need to be. You will be supported for as long as you feel you need. 


    Do you work with CVs?

    Yes and no. We are not a CV focused company so we do not tend to simply review your CV and send back an ‘improved’ version for X amount.  We could do, but we don’t believe that you will get real value from that. 

    We know that CVs have a role in the recruitment process but we don’t believe that they are the place to start.  Nor do we believe that they can be looked at and worked on in isolation.

    If you do not know what you want, what you are good at or what you are going for and why – there’s not a lot of point in preparing or sending out a CV.  You will be sending out a mixed message and will be wasting a lot of energy and time.

    As part of our programme if you would like to, you will have your CV reviewed by us.  This happens after you are clear about the type of role you want and when you know how you are targeting it.  Then, a highly experienced HR professional will help you build a CV that is geared towards this role.

    It may be interesting to note that in many cases we manage to avoid using CVs altogether and instead penetrate the marketplace and help you land your job through connections and networking instead.


    Can you help me build my network?

    We can help you to build and harness your network. Networking and connecting is a valuable skill and tool to help you in your career.  It also plays an important part in our programmes and in helping our clients find the roles that they want.

    With us you will be able to learn about how to manage and maintain strong networks and also how to access new connections through your Career Guide and through the Position Ignition network.


    Who we work with

    Do you specialise in any particular sector?

    No.  We have a diverse range of Career Guides and spend a lot of time matching our Guides to clients to make sure that each client gets the best Guide to work with.   All of our Guides have had a unique set of experienced and they have all worked in a variety of industries across the globe.

    The programmes that we design and the structured approach we use is not sector specific and has been successful across various industries.  


    Do you work with people over 30, 40, 50? Do you work with people like me?

    Yes we work with people in their 30s, 40s and 50s. We have also most likely worked with someone in your or a similar situation to yourself. There is no time too early or late to be thinking about or re-adjusting your career.  The bulk of people who work with us are between 35-50 years old however we do have clients who are much older (our oldest client is 67) as well as those who are significantly younger.

    There is no such thing as a typical client. We work with people in senior roles, management and Directors as well as people running their own businesses, fresh out of MBA schools as well as those in the arts and more creative sectors.


    Have you worked with people in senior roles?

    Yes, we often work with individuals who are in key senior roles and who are at the top of their profession.  We know that if you are in this type of position it is important to work with someone who understands the challenges that you face.

    Many of our Guides have held senior roles themselves, such as being company Directors, holding Non Executive roles, being CEO, COO and HR Director amongst a variety of other interesting jobs.


    Can you help my son / daughter?

    Yes we can. Although most of our clients are mid-career, we believe that the earlier you start thinking about and planning your career the better your position is to achieve your goals earlier and faster.  The youngest person we have worked with was 17 years old and our programmes have been very effective with all of our younger clients, helping them to get their careers on the right path.


    Do you work with people in the UK, US, Europe, Asia?

    Yes. We are based in the UK and a lot of our work is done here however we have several clients abroad. We work with them effectively through skype and via telephone support. 



    How much is a programme?

    Each programme is individually tailored to each client’s needs.  The cost of each programme can therefore vary significantly.

    Typical full support programmes range from £2499-£5000


    Do you offer a guarantee? What is your refund policy?

    There is no refund policy or guarantee as such.  The payment structure that we will agree with you is such that it calls for commitment from you upfront to start the process and commitment from us to work with you until you achieve your goal.

    We cannot offer a guarantee as we cannot promise that a client will attend all of our sessions and see the programme through to the end. A commitment is required from both parties in order to make it work and our payment model reflects this.


    Do you charge VAT? 

    Yes we charge VAT at the prevailing rate of 20% from January 2011.


    How it works

    After my free consultation phone-call what happens next?

    After an initial phone call with us, you should have a better idea of what we do and how a programme could be tailored for you.  You will then have the option of receiving a programme outline that you can discuss with your family, friends and partner and design with us to suit your needs.

    We would work together to design a programme that works for you.  We would also begin to match you to one of our Guides.

    Once the programme structure and payment plan have been agreed you would then be put in touch with your potential Career Guide for a free ‘chemistry’ phone call.  If after this point you are happy to continue, you would be able to start the programme.


    How long does it take to complete a programme?

    Every individual takes a different length of time to complete their programme. You will have your own unique circumstances and choices to make.

    On average it takes around 3-4 months to complete a programme.  That’s around 12-16 weeks.  For some it has taken up to a year (sometimes longer) and for others it has been a lot less than this.

    The pace of a programme is determined by you – the amount of time and effort you put into it and the speed at which you move through the different phases of a programme.


    Where do the sessions take place? Are they face to face or by phone?

    In order to provide a fresh perspective and approach to the next phase in your career, our sessions take place in surroundings where we believe you will feel most comfortable. 

    This can range from being outdoors, walking in parks, in a quiet corner of a coffee shop or in your own home.  This will be agreed by yourself and your Guide.  We do not tend to encourage the use of offices for our work as we find it restricts creativity and progress.  We therefore do not have an office space in which we are based in permanently.

    We do a lot of our face to face work in London and across the UK.  We also do a lot of our work via the telephone and through skype. We find both highly effective for clients.


    How often and how long are the sessions? 

    Sessions tend to be 1-2 hours in length generally, with the exception of the initial phase in a typical programme.  This is usually half a day or a full day and creates a solid platform and basis from which to start the process.

    Session lengths are flexible and can be agreed as we design your programme with you.


    What happens if I haven’t got a job when I’ve completed my sessions?

    All programmes are designed to help you achieve your goal.  If you have completed the main elements in the programme but have yet to land your role, we will continue to support you until you do. 


    Is a programme like one of the Myers Briggs I’ve taken in the past?

    No, definitely not.  In our programmes we do sometimes use psychometric tests, however these are optional and only form one small part of the overall process.  Tests such as Myers Briggs can be helpful but alone cannot tell the full story about you, nor can they take you step by step towards your goal.

    We will work with you to try and really understand you – your career, your life, your values, your world. We will also make sure that you are given the guidance you need to make the shift that you really desire.  It’s about giving you a comprehensive framework that will help you create and implement an action plan that will make sure you start seeing results.


    Will this change who I am or what I do?

    Everyone’s experience with us is different.  We cannot say that you will definitely change in one way or another. However, we can say that everyone has had a positive shift. You will learn more about yourself for sure – whether it’s in relation to what you want, what’s really driving you, what your core values are or why certain things are so important to you.

    What you do with this will be up to you. You will certainly get clearer about what direction you want to go in and how to get there. If that means changing the way you work or where you work, we will help you make that happen.


    What tangible benefits do I get from taking a programme?

    Each programme is designed with you in order to help you achieve a specific goal.  If your goal is to find a new job, make a career change or plan your retirement, we will support you until you are comfortable that this goal has been achieved.

    The experience, skills and learnings that you get from going through a programme will stay with you and be useful to you throughout your career.

    The connections that you make with us will remain in your own network for as long as you want them to.

    We have also found that most clients remain connected to us and to their Guide as they continue to develop through their career. We stay connected as a community and are happy to support you throughout your career.

    All of our clients have found that they have grown in confidence, knowledge and know-how through their work with us.


    What if I don’t like my Career Guide?

    Before starting on your programme, you will be introduced to your Guide and will have a free initial phone call with them to get to know each other, plan your next steps and to make sure that there is a good match.

    There will then be a check in conversation to see how you are feeling about everything. If you are happy to move forwards you would start to schedule your sessions.

    If not, we will match you to another Guide.  If there are any concerns or problems during the programme then we will certainly be happy to discuss this with you and to look at re-matching you to a new Guide if necessary. 

    Our Guide matching so far has been 98% successful for all of our clients.


    If I go ahead with a programme, when would it start?

    Once you are happy with the design and content of your programme it is up to you when you start.  You will be able to have a free initial phone call with your Guide before starting the programme in order to get to know each other, ask questions and to schedule your sessions.  The sessions are scheduled according to your availability and needs as well as those of your Guide.


    Can you tailor your programme for me?

    Yes. All of our programmes are tailored to each individual we work with.  Everyone’s circumstances and needs are different and so everything we do is done to suit your specific situation and to help you with your challenges.

    The core approach we follow is the same but how our Guides use it will be specific to you to ensure that you get the most out of the process.


    Can I do a programme with my partner?

    Yes you can. We understand that the experience you have with us and the decisions that you make are likely to have a significant impact on your partner. We also appreciate that your partner is likely to play a major role and be a major part of your life.  That is why we are happy to work with yourself and your partner through a programme.

    Often your partner will bring a unique perspective and valuable insight. This can add a deeper dimension to your work with us.  If your partner is included in the programme, the focus will continue to be around your situation, your challenges and how we achieve your goals. Your partner will be able to get involved in supporting you and will also be supported themselves through this process.


    Do you use psychometric tests? What types do you use? Do I have to take them?

    Yes and no.  We can and do use psychometric tests but we do not rely on them nor are they compulsory to take. They are an optional part of our programme, which we find are helpful to some clients in supporting the work that we do.

    Psychometric tests form a very small part of what we do. We believe that if done in isolation they are only so helpful.   However, when used with a career expert who can provide you with insight and feedback on how to use the test results and when done in conjunction with a comprehensive programme, we find that our clients see real value from using the tests we have selected for them. 

    The types of tests we use include those that look at your behaviour at work, your value system, your strengths and your natural tendencies, characteristics and inclinations.  The tests we have decided to use and that we recommend to our clients are what we believe are the strongest in the market.

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