Finding a Fulfilling Career Webinar

Are you unhappy or disillusioned in your current career Perhaps you’ve got impressive credentials and a starry CV, but something doesn’t feel quite right? Or maybe your current situation is ‘OK’, but the prospect of carrying on for another 15,20 or 30 years leaves you feeling utterly cold.

Perhaps you’ve really enjoyed your career, but you’ve had a change of perspective, been through a life change, or simply feel that the time has come for something new.

For all the research telling us that we can expect multiple careers in a lifetime, transforming idea into reality remains a daunting and scary prospect.  In our current jobs we’re secure in ourselves - we know our stuff and where we stand.  Crafting a new career will require breaking out of our comfort zone, navigating unfamiliar territory, and adopting new ways of behaving, thinking and being.  

If you're keen to make this transition to a new, exciting and fulfilling future, watch this 50-minute recorded webinar with Lucy Watson, to kick start your journey...

Explore how to navigate the psychological journey through career change

Understand what's important to you and how to expand and explore your options

Discover what the trade-offs are and how to deal with these

Learn how to build your new career and how to make it last

Watch this webinar now for £19.99 





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