Career Guides: James Caplin

James is an experienced career coach, trainer and leader. He has been with Position Ignition since the business first launched and has played a key role in helping the company to develop. James is motivated by a passion to help people consider what it is they are doing, and so lead lives that fit them better. He’s at his best when working with ‘cerebral’ professionals who benefit from being put more directly in touch with their instincts and intuition (i.e. those who work in IT, finance, lawyers, accountants): and communication professionals who benefit from seeing more clearly the underlying structures of how they and the world operates (i.e. those involved in marketing and PR).

His unconventional career makes him the ideal Career Guide to help people transition out of full-time work into something that, while productive, may not necessarily be a conventional ‘job'.

After leaving University, James discovered he could write corporate videos. He found a niche for himself as a freelance scriptwriter for industry, government and the third sector, giving him access to, and experience of, most sectors of British working life. His clients included IBM, Citigroup, the Welcome Foundation and Volkswagen. He produced a series of multiple media products on safety equipment in partnership with ARCO, and was the sole independent creative on an influential government project Birth to 3 Matters.

During this time, James also co-authored the bestselling book Instant Gardening, which changed the way we garden in the UK: was the garden correspondent for The Times on Saturday; and led the successful local campaign in his neighbourhood to close London’s most active on-street crack market that was dominating the area. This not only helped transform where he lived from being undesirable, to become part of one of the most sought after residential locations in Britain – Notting Hill – it also helped launch the ASBO, a major change to how we deal with antisocial behaviour.

This experience of community activism led James to decide to become more directly involved in helping people lead better, happier, more productive lives, which led to him becoming a coach, and so involved with Position Ignition. In addition to his other work, James is now leading a project to help communities, the police and local government work together using virtual channels of communication.

James also draws inspiration from his family life and has experience of working with all ages, from the under-11s to the over-60s, equipping him to serve those clients who come to Position Ignition as a family unit.

James was credentialed by the International Coach Federation (ICF) as a Professional Credentialed Coach and has a degree in English Literature from Trinity College, Cambridge.

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