Career Guide: James Parsons

James joined Position Ignition after having been delighted to find a community which shares his core values and holistic approach to careers work. He is busy helping to build awareness of Position Ignition’s value and works with clients based in London and the Home Counties, as well as helping to develop services for individuals in professional services sectors including law, banking, accounting and consulting.

James previously held roles in investment banking with JP Morgan, Dresdner Kleinwort, BNP Paribas and HSBC, working in equities and latterly in real estate finance. He brings real expertise and experience to clients working within these sectors, and is able to draw from his own learning and experiences to empathise with individuals.

His first experience of career guidance came as a client himself, wishing to clarify his own motivations and feelings towards his working life in general. This positive process inspired him to change direction and to retrain as a careers counsellor, and he remains as passionate as ever about helping people to make better career decisions. James’ core belief is that greater self-understanding helps clients take a strategic and proactive approach to personal career management, essential in a highly competitive environment. This tends to start from an honest ‘no-holds barred’ look at all aspects of a client’s life, including upbringing, outside activities and familial situation. 

James has worked with individuals across a variety of sectors and levels, but a key emphasis remains in helping people from professional services backgrounds. He offers a reflective, counselling-based approach, working on the principle that the client is the expert on him or herself, not the counsellor, and as such his function is to facilitate his clients’ self-directed learning rather than “prescribe remedies”.  

James graduated with an honours degree from the University of Edinburgh, completed a masters in Finance from City University Business School (now Cass Business School) and a post-graduate in Career and Talent Management from Kingston University. He trained with Career Counselling Services and is a certified careers practitioner.  He is also a qualified practitioner of an innovative brain mapping tool which helps individuals and teams understand behaviours at work, something with extensive and vital applications in career transition.

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