Career Guide: Jessica Higgs

It’s not just Jessica’s experience in coaching, mentoring and teaching that gives her the skills to be an ideal Position Ignition Career Guide, but also her experience as an entrepreneur and business adviser. Jessica’s clients have been in the early stages of their careers; perhaps they are making key decisions about courses or Universities, planning a gap year, applying for their first job or making the first transition into an alternative job. Perhaps they have taken the bold step of setting up in business themselves.

Instead of going it alone along the path of decision making, you can experience the benefits of a Career Guide who’s been there, got the award (FSB Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2007 and Small Business of the Year, finalist 2008) and helped people like you to do it too.

Since graduating in a medical discipline, Jessica trained as a coach in 2006 and brings her experience of NLP, Authentic Business and personality profiling to her work to enable her clients to exceed their potential. Jessica uses her experience of business strategy, ideas generation and problem solving to enable people to learn about themselves, their work and their relationships to develop a more successful way of being.

If you are, or you would like to be, someone who stops, thinks and asks Why? in life, then you can use Jessica as a sounding board, an inspiration and a motivator to help you do something different in your career that will make you truly happy and fulfilled. While Jessica is a self-confessed, geek for numbers, she remembers that “Not everything that can be counted, counts, and not everything that counts, can be counted”. 

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