Career Guide: Joanna Pollard

Jo is adept in exploring what makes people effective in organisations and is well placed to guide Position Ignition clients through their assessment of their own effectiveness within their careers.  Jo’s qualifications combined with her experience of working with executives and leadership teams; large organisations in both the public and private sectors; new start ups; and established business transfers, give her the perfect base from which to help all types of clients in all types of professions.

Jo has exactly the right attitude to be a Position Ignition Career Guide, believing that the best way to take control of your career is to work out what makes you happy and then make it ‘pay’.

Jo’s well-rounded, positive approach to life means she finds people  inspiring and enjoys exploring and experimenting to support client creativity. Given the range of experiences Jo has enjoyed, it makes sense that her favourite quote is "If offered an opportunity to do something new, unless there's a good reason not to, take it".

It is this philosophy that makes Jo and inspiration and motivation for those Position Ignition clients looking for fresh and exciting challenges. Jo is also a great role model if you’d like to take control of your career and life, and be your own person - she recognises the limitations of labels and categories and focuses on what works in any given situation.

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