Career Guide: Lucy Watson

Lucy is an experienced strategist and coach who is passionate about helping people and organisations tackle difficult questions in innovative ways in order to unlock their true potential. She firmly believes that the best approach to strategic decision-making for both individuals and organisations comes from a marriage of rigorous analysis, with the more intuitive, ‘coaching-style’ approaches to problem-solving.  She therefore felt a natural affinity with the holistic methodology offered by Position Ignition and the importance of taking into account a client’s entire life when seeking to define and achieve career success.

Lucy spent the first 15 years of her career in various roles across the Financial Services sector in UK, US and Europe.  She worked as a Banker, Supplier and Consultant – largely specialised in Strategy.  She has held senior leadership roles in retail banking and has worked as a strategy consultant for Oliver Wyman.  During her early career, she worked as a business analyst and project manager within financial technology.

She has a particular interest in:

  • Exits from Financial Services and/or Big Corporate
  • Career sustainability / Managing energy & resilience through career lifecycle
  • Returning to work or exploring a career change post illness
  • Transition from employment to entrepreneurship/self-employment

Lucy left her banking career when she recognised that she no longer had the physical stamina to pursue a demanding senior corporate role.  She finds that working as an independent consultant and career guide allows her the flexibility and control to pursue the areas she is passionate about in her professional life – whilst being single Mum to a demanding pre-schooler.

She firmly believes individuals need to manage their energy levels carefully in order to sustain a successful career into later life as emerging demographics demand – and encourages her clients to consider these ‘sustainability’ issues as they make their career choices.

Lucy has an MBA with distinction from Insead (Singapore/France) and trained as a coach with Coaching Development.

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